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You: Penn Badgley Says He Would Hug Joe Goldberg Because “He Needs Love”

Joe Goldberg has been at the center of YOU since its debut in 2018, and Penn Badgley knows how he would approach the character if they met in real life.

Badgley has played Joe since the series premiere and will continue to be at the center of the show when its fourth season gets underway early next year.

“So, let’s say he was a person I was obsessed with and, somehow, I could meet him in a controlled circumstance, and he was interested in listening to me,” Badgley offered on Wednesday’s episode of the Stitcher podcast Podcrushed.

Joe Looks in the Mirror - YOU

“And, by the way, it would be in my tone. The question is simple, but it would be in my tone.”

Despite all of Joe’s terrible deeds, Badgley believes the character needs some love.

Joe watching -- You

“I really, at this point, and I think I’ve been clear about how much I detest all of his deeds, so, in that context, I would actually try to love him,” he explained.

“Because, the truth is, he’s never gotten that. So I would ask Joe… I, honestly, feel like I would look at him for a long time.”

“Because of my relationship to him, I would try to love him,” he added.

“I’m not saying he deserves that. I’m not saying anybody else should do that. I’m saying I would try to love him. He needs that. He needs love.”

Joe is Gonna Joe - tall - YOU Season 3 Episode 1

“It’s like, I would hug him … I would hold him,” the Gossip Girl alum added.

YOU is one of Netflix’s biggest hits, and the upcoming fourth season moves the action to London.

Netflix revealed during its Tudum Fan Event earlier this year that YOU Season 4 would air in two parts, beginning February 10, followed by the final episodes on March 10.

What are your thoughts on how Badgley would approach Joe?

Joe Spies - tall - YOU Season 3 Episode 8

Are you excited about the fourth season?

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Remember, you can watch YOU online right here via TV Fanatic.

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