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Why Vampire Academy Needs A Season 2

Between the CW’s new ownership and HBO merging with Discovery, many good shows are getting the axe (Paper Girls anyone?). Not to mention all the projects that will never see the light of day; RIP BatGirl. It’s a bloodbath!

Speaking of blood, bloodsuckers are once again popular. Reginald The Vampire and Interview with a Vampire both have their merits, but the best of the new Vampiric shows is Vampire Academy, based on the book series by Richelle Meade. 

Vampire Academy follows best friends Royal Morio Princess Vasilissa and Dhampir Guardian Rose as they navigate the politics of vampire society. While many vampire shows are set in the human world, Vampire Academy is exclusively in vampire society. 

Making a Connection - Vampire Academy

Iconic Vampire shows of the past and present have centered on romance, and there is plenty of love and lust on Vampire Academy, and Rose fulfills the traditional love triangle requirement expertly. 

Somehow, Mason became the love interest to root for with Rose because he was elaborated on and shown to be a genuinely good guy who loves Rose. However, the steam of Rose and Dimitri cannot be denied (book fans won’t let it).

The best ship is Christian and Lissa; they are the cutest on-again-off-again couple.

These star-crossed lovers are technically royal, but he’s an outcast due to his parents choosing to become strigoi.

Despite circumstances, they find little moments to be sweet together. They’re married! And he’s a monk? Stay tuned, we hope.

Even Sonya Karp, Mia Dashkov, and Jesse Zeklos get love interests in this version. 

Making a Big Decision - Vampire Academy

However, the love between these two friends genuinely makes the show iconic. Female friendships are few and far between in media though there has been a rise in recent years. 

Rose would die for Lissa. In fact, she did, and Lissa resurrected her, as best friends do. They protect each other and sacrifice each other.

Fans of the books will enjoy it, but there are many surprises.

Villians that came off two dimensional in the books, such as Victor Dashkoff and Sonya Karp, get compelling backstories leading fans to understand and even sympathize with them.

Questioning Everything - Vampire Academy

Even Jesse Zeklos, who is genuinely terrible, has a potential redemption arc in the offing, and we need a renewal to see it.

After all, the characters people hate the most in the beginning often have the best redemption arcs. Klaus Mikelson, anyone?

Forgettable characters like Mason become the character to root for!

Things that were unclear in the books are cleared up. Updates have been made, including LGBTQ relationships and a less toxic dynamic between Rose and Dimitri.

The books were from Rose’s perspective, but the show has given Lissa a chance to shine, grow, and show what a badass she is.

As it stands, she’s set up for Rose’s arc of saving a Strigoi, her brother Andre. That’s right, in this version, it is Andre, not Dimitri, who becomes a Strigoi.

The changes from book to screen are brilliant and leave fans questioning what will happen next. The ending of Vampire Academy Season 1 was a massive cliffhanger.

Lissa and Rose are on the run because Tatiana framed Lissa for the Queen’s murder. Andre is alive and undead, and Victor may soon follow him. Christian and Dimitri stayed behind to try and fix the broken system that is the dominion. And Mason might be dead!

Dimitri and Rose - Vampire Academy

Mason can’t be dead! We love him too much! We need to know if he is okay. We need to know if Victor is okay too, and Mia and everybody else!

As fans, we cannot allow this fantastic show to be canceled.

As of yet, there is no word of its renewal, and Peacock is still a relatively new streaming platform with limited viewership.

It’s hard to say what will happen, but if we have any power to keep this show going, we must wield it, as Rose and Lissa would.

Right now, everyone is separate, and there are too many questions.

Plus, our girls are heading out into the world without knowing what awaits them. No idea, except Rose’s father!

Rose’s father was intriguing in the books, but he’s sure to be even more so in the show because the show has expanded on this already rich world.

We still have to see the communes and get to know Adrian, who was barely in Season 1.

Christian on Episode 10 - Vampire Academy

Adrian had such a significant role in the books; when we get to know him in the show, he’ll be fantastic!

And what of Meredith and her secret passageways? Again, so many questions are left unanswered, and only another season can answer them.

This show deserves the time to grow into the genuinely iconic cult classic it is destined to be.

Like The Vampire Diaries before it, Julie Plec has a hit on her hands. We need to support it! So let’s do just that. 

Vampire Academy Leads

Watch it. Tweet about it. Start a petition to renew it.

We live in an age where fans’ voices can be heard, so let’s scream like Sonya and make our opinions clear. WE WANT SEASON TWO!!!

Do you agree with us?

Let us know in the comments section.

Vampire Academy is currently streaming on Peacock.

Leora W is a staff writer for TV Fanatic..

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