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The Rookie Round Table: Fun or Annoying?

Nolan and Bailey competed against one another to pick a wedding locale. Angela learned some disturbing info about Wesley’s past, and Lucy got the upper hand on Tim.

Our TV Fanatics, Jasmine, Denis, and Christine, are joined by The Rookie fan Kate to debate if Nolan and Bailey’s competitive streak was fun or annoying, if they’d have Celina over for a sleepover, who is their favorite character, and more! 

The Rookie Round Table

Was Nolan and Bailey’s competition over who chooses the wedding location fun or annoying? Where do you think they should get married?

Jasmine: Most of the time, I find them annoying because I find Bailey irritating beyond comprehension. I don’t care about their wedding stuff and still have my doubts they’ll go through with it.

But I was surprisingly amused by the bickering parents and daughter angle happening with them and Celina. It was kind of cute.

Denis: I am neutral towards Bailey and Nolan. I’d prefer if Bailey was on screen less and less. The more she’s there, the more she annoys me.

This episode was one such time. They can get married on the sidewalk, and it wouldn’t bother me.

Bailey Proposes - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 5

Kate: I think the competition between Nolan and Bailey was the one time I’ve been able to like them on some level. While they still seem to have zero actual chemistry, the idea of the competitions was creative and fun, especially with Celina.

I wasn’t rolling my eyes and ignoring them for once, so I guess that’s something. Also, while a beach is nice, it’s kind of basic, which one might say describes them as a couple. So. I’d go with Bailey’s location on this one. 

Christine: The competitions were kind of silly, and maybe that was the point. But I can’t say I cared about who could eat the most pancakes or hot wings.

I like Bailey, and I like Nolan, but I don’t feel a bit of romance between them, so where they get married really isn’t a big concern.

Stone Cold  - The Rookie Season 4 Episode 7

Were you surprised that the DA dropped the case against Elijah? Do you think there’s more to the story?

Jasmine: There has to be more to this. Monica wasn’t even saying anything they didn’t already know headed into trial. Wesley was a defense attorney. He can literally make all the arguments they’d have to counter.

Something else had to have happened, and to me, it all points to the D.A. There is no reason they couldn’t risk going to trial on that.

I’m still trying to figure out how bad the supposed optics had to be in LOS ANGELES where that was even a factor. Since when have they cared that much about optics to risk letting a known criminal loose?

Denis: No surpises there. I feel like we haven’t seen enough of what Elijah has done to warrant us wanting him to go to prison. If he is as bad as they say he is, it comes as no surprise that the justice system can’t tame him that easily.

Spiraling Out -tall - The Rookie Season 4 Episode 7

Kate: There’s definitely more to this. That much is obvious. Wopez does deserve a proper interesting storyline though, and I hope this does that for them.

But I cannot deal with this Monica girl, though I do like the idea of Wesley having a past.

Christine: Yeah, there’s definitely more to this story. The DA was intimidated far too easily, which likely means he’s corrupt or they’re threatening him somehow.

Whatever happens, I just want Wesley and Angela to battle it together and not have it tear them apart.

Career Change  - The Rookie Season 4 Episode 21

How will Wesley deal with Elijah moving forward? Do you think Wesley’s family is in danger?

Jasmine: I’m concerned about Elijah and whatever threat he may pose to Wesley and the family. They didn’t necessarily scratch the surface of the threat he posed to Angela, and I could see that getting explored.

Otherwise, why revisit this narrative at all? Elijah seems like he’d like to toy with Wesley and make him paranoid more than anything else, so we’ll just have to see.

Denis: It’s more like Elijah dealing with Wesley. Lucky for Wesley, his wife is a detective and a badass one at that.

Kate: I hope Wesley doesn’t go rogue or anything. I would love to see Wopez combine their skills to annihilate both Monica and Elijah. 

Christine: I want Wesley to be open with Angela about everything because she and Jack, and even their extended families, could be in danger.

If they aren’t going up against Elijah as a team, then Elijah has already won.

Investigating a Cop's death- tall - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 2

Would you rather Wesley’s ex, Monica, be gone for good after this episode, or would you like to see Wesley or Angela deal with her again?

Jasmine: I couldn’t stand her, and I would rather she disappear and never come back again. At this rate, if she succumbs to Elijah’s mechanizations and ends up another victim in his long list of them, I wouldn’t bat an eye.

I think the bigger issue should be Wesley and Angela dealing with the fact that Wesley has a history he has not shared with Angela at all and what kind of cracks in their marriage can arise because of that.

I was gobsmacked by these Wesley revelations and concerned.

Denis: I loved her. She has the kind of fire I love to see in lawyers. I would be the first to watch if she got her own spin-off.

Mother's Day Blues  - The Rookie Season 4 Episode 21

Kate: I like the concept of Monica… I just can’t stand her on screen. I hate her more than all of Tim and Nolan’s past girlfriends combined, and that’s saying something.

From a writer’s perspective, I understand bringing Monica back occasionally, especially with Rosalind gone, but I don’t know how much I’d enjoy it. 

Christine: Wow! What do these writers have against redheads? First Rosalind and now Monica. There has to be a story behind that.

But as much as I loathe Monica, I can see her getting in over her head with Elijah and then turning to Wesley for help. And if Wesley doesn’t immediately bring Angela in on that, he’s a fool, a dead man, or both.

Riding in Cars with Boys  - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 6

Who is currently your favorite character on The Rookie season 5?

Jasmine: This choice may come out of left field, but I’m LOVING Thorsen. He’s funny without it being over the top. He has great chemistry with whoever you put him in a scene with, and he’s a very capable officer.

I’m also enjoying Bradford a lot because we’ve unlocked more sides of him, and he feels his most well-rounded yet.

Denis: Nyla. Since she showed up, I always find myself drawn to her. She is funny without trying.

Putting Himself at Risk -tall - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 4

Kate: Tim. As viewers, we’ve basically figured Tim out, but there’s still so much to learn about him, and I love his dynamics with all the characters.

Nyla has also been amazing this season, and Thorsen is a great addition as well. 

Christine: Who doesn’t love Lucy? She’s got a heart of gold and wants to help everyone, yet she is far tougher than she looks. Lucy never fails to impress me or make me smile.

But there are very few characters on this show I don’t love. Angela, Nyla, Tim, the list goes on.

Okay, TV Fanatics. Which character on The Rookie is your favorite?

Celina Juarez - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 3

Would you let Celina sleep on your sofa?

Jasmine: Of course! Hospitality is so ingrained in me that it wouldn’t even cross my mind to say no. You’re never too old for a slumber party.

Denis: No. I wouldn’t let her into my house. Next thing you know, she is trying to predict your future by using some dream she had. I can’t stand that.

Kate: Of course!! I want to hear about what dreams she has. I never have dreams when I sleep. Also, I’m always up for learning more about her, and I love a good sleepover. 

Christine: Celina is such fun! I’d love to hang out with her for a night and get her unique perspective over a bowl of popcorn and some hot cocoa.

An Old Case - The Rookie

What, if anything, disappointed you in this episode?

Jasmine: For a Halloween episode, I expected MORE. They should have leaned into the humor and fun more or crazy or spooky cases.

It needed one solid tone, and Wesley’s stuff was too serious and intense for an episode where Chen sent Bradford on a silly scavenge hunt.

Denis: Is it redundant to say Bailey?

Kate: Too. Much. Bailey. Constantly trying and failing to justify her existence gets tiring fast.

Also, since Rosalind left, the new villains/antagonists feel a little fast and possibly forced. It would have been nice to have an episode or two of the problems being on-the-job related.

Also agree with the fact that I expected something a little more wild for the Halloween episode. 

Christine: I also expected more Halloween-related antics. They talked about Halloween being crazy for a police officer, but then we didn’t actually see any of the craziness.

Radio Games  - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 6

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline on this installment of The Rookie?

Jasmine: Bradford and Thorsen are a duo I didn’t realize I needed. I love them together. They amused me.

Denis: Bradford lost his radio. That was hilarious. If Chen weren’t in love with him, she wouldn’t let him live it down for the rest of his life.

Kate: The fact that Bradford lost his radio. With such a serious storyline for Wopez, we needed some fun, and I love the Chenford prank dynamic, as well as Thorsen and Bradford riding together.

Christine: I love Nyla and Angela’s friendship and how they rely on one another both at work and share their personal lives. They are the duo I didn’t know I needed.

More Ways Than One - tall - The Rookie Season 5 Episode 5

Now it’s your turn, The Rookie fans. Hit that SHOW COMMENTS button below to let us know your thoughts. Then check out Jasmine’s The Rookie Season 5 Episode 5 review here at TV Fanatic.

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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