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The Rookie: Feds Season 1 Episode 6 Review: The Reaper

Who says no to a strip club?

Simone’s undercover skills get tested again on The Rookie: Feds Season 1 Episode 6 while Brendon receives a visit from his father, who usually is out of the picture. They both also get their hearts broken.

So far, we have seen all our criminal masterminds be men. Some balancing of gender was way over time. Who better than a female assassin to balance this?

Simone under arrest - The Rookie: Feds Season 1 Episode 6

Sending Simone undercover in prison was not smart, and Carter caught on to that very early. Just because she improvised that one time on The Rookie: Feds Season 1 Episode 4 doesn’t mean that she was ready to go undercover in that capacity.

A prison is a dangerous place where most people there are criminals. Getting murdered is very easy.

Simone and Carter - The Rookie: Feds Season 1 Episode 6

Simone is great at duping people. If the FBI didn’t tap into that skill of hers and she had gone to the other side, many banks would have been robbed by now.

When she does what Garza calls an “extraordinary guidance counselor thing,” no one is safe. The Reaper’s girlfriend never stood a chance against Simone. She truly is the FBI’s secret weapon.

Brendon also saved the day again with his “extraordinary ex-actor thing.” I wasn’t sure how long they were gonna keep pulling that stunt but so far so good.

Brendon: I did a movie once where I…
Laura and Garza: … you played a sniper.
Brendon: … was shot through the heart. It was a romantic comedy. It was sweet actually.

It happens organically such that it doesn’t strain believability.

Brendon - The Rookie: Feds Season 1 Episode 6

As this season progresses, I find myself liking Brendon more. He is the embodiment of “listen to the young people in your team.” Anything the current generation is using, he seems to be on top of. This saves the team a lot of time and definitely saves lives.

Carter being made by an inmate could have burned the whole operation.

The unit is treading on dangerous ground, and if they ever face their superiors, it will be hard to explain how they make some decisions.

Nothing is ever left to chance in undercover operations. Everybody who the undercover agent will interact with has to be vetted. Rushing an operation like they did this one put more than one person at risk.

Glasses guy - The Rookie: Feds Season 1 Episode 6

Brendon got a visit from daddy dearest.

But before daddy, there’s Lucy. I’m now convinced that Lucy is just awkward with men. Every time she interacts with a man, it looks like she has been in love with him her entire life.

Brendon: Hey Lucy!
Lucy: You remember me?

The Rookie writers need to make a decision soon. Is Lucy going to stay with Chris, Bradford, or Vampire cop?

It was heartbreaking to see Brendon’s dad use him like that. I mean, who pretends to have cancer just so they don’t tell their kid they were trying to steal from them?

Carter Hope - The Rookie: Feds Season 1 Episode 6

If his appearance served any purpose, we now know why Brendon left acting. It is a story as old as time. A kid spends his life trying to live his parents’ dream until he realizes that life’s too short to be unhappy and decides to follow his dreams.

Usually, Laura comes off as a nonsense detective about the work. It was, however refreshing to see her get in some jokes.

How Britt Robertson delivers the comedic aspect of Laura is something that I hadn’t noticed before. Dry-cutting humor means communicating without mincing words that she means what she says.

Bogdoff: You know, you might look pretty if you didn’t dress like a boy.
Laura: And you might look handsome if you didn’t have your face.

She might turn out to be my favorite after Elena and Garza.

Laura - The Rookie: Feds Season 1 Episode 6

Heartbreak knocked on the doors of Simone and Brendon for two entirely different reasons.

Simone’s busy work schedule has gotten in the way of her and Dina. The ship hit an iceberg and wrecked before it set sail.

Dina: So, this is the end of the road. Is that what you are saying?
Simone: Relationships are all about timing. And I guess this just isn’t ours.

At this point, everyone in the FBI should date others in the Bureau.

Laura’s relationship crashed because of her being too busy with work. Garza has burned through three marriages, each failing because of the job. Carter got divorced when his marriage failed because he was too involved in chasing after a promotion that he left his wife behind. And now, Simone.

Dina and Simone - The Rookie: Feds Season 1 Episode 6

The problem seems to be the job, and the solution might also be the job.

How fun would it have been to see the unit turn it up in the strip club? Lord knows they all could use it.

It was so funny to see Carter shocked because of being invited to the strip club. He had gotten used to being a husband — albeit absent — he forgot that he wasn’t that anymore.

Simone and Brendon’s decision to nurse their broken hearts at home is one I understood, even though I didn’t support it. I’m sorry but THE STRIP CLUB!

Lucy Chen  - The Rookie: Feds Season 1 Episode 6

That was a typical The Rookie episode without anything extra. Typical relationship drama, a great case, and some twists in the case. It wasn’t bad. Just normal.

What are your feelings on Simone and Dina breaking up? Do you want them to get back together or let it sink?

Did you think Brendon’s family name was funny?

Hit the big blue Show Comments button and let us know with your comment.

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