The Peripheral Season 1 Episode 5 Review: What About Bob?

Flynne’s life keeps getting threatened in The Peripheral, but the Fishers managed to thwart another hit.

The Peripheral Season 1 Episode 5 saw Bob, an assassin hired by the Robotic Daniel in the future, try and kill Flynne.

We witnessed a flashback to Aelita and Grace’s relationship and a tense confrontation involving Flynne within The Peripheral.

Flynne and Cherise - The Peripheral

Flynne’s health may have taken center stage for part of the episode when she got a scan and a spinal tap, but What About Bob featured lots of action.

The action revolved mainly around Bob — a violent retired man who got pulled out of retirement by Robo-Daniel, who hired him to kill Flynne.

With his contract included one of the deadly air-blaster guns.

Bob did not enjoy this recruitment, and he discovered that Daniel got his name through an old friend he swiftly killed.

Once his old friend and the friend’s crew were dispatched, Bob set his eyes on the Fishers (with the help of Robo-Daniel, of course).

Bob  - The Peripheral Season 1 Episode 5

Bob’s tactics were bold but effective.

He pretended to break down on the side of the road, which Billy Ann tried to assist with, but he was waiting for people: The Fishers.

Once the Fishers arrived, he approached their car with the air blaster.

Flynne recognized the weapon and told Burton to shoot Bob, but he didn’t, and the man got shot off through their car windows.

The following shootout didn’t lead to any deaths, but it dead led to a surprise save by none other than Billy Ann.

Billy Ann With a Shotgun - The Peripheral Season 1 Episode 5

Billy Ann once again proved that she’s someone you want in your corner (in a different way).

She took out a big shotgun from her truck and shot Bob in the chest (a few times).

Billy Ann: This wouldn’t be one of those situations where you’re looking at me and thinking I can’t fix a car cause I’m a woman, would it?
Bob: No, ma’am. I can take one look at you and guess you’d know your way around an engine.
Billy Ann: I honestly can’t tell if that’s a compliment or an insult.
Bob: Oh I’d never waste an insult on a stranger, young lady. I save them up for friends and family.

Sadly, Bob wore a bullet-proof vest, so Billy Ann’s shots threw him off balance and packed a punch but didn’t fatally injure him.

Flynne and Burton were grateful for her help, but the Sheriff had to get involved, which complicated things for Flynne.

She lied about many things to Tommy in the past, and now she lied to him about the air blaster and why the man attacked her and Burton.

Flynne Confronts Cherise - The Peripheral Season 1 Episode 5

Eventually, all of these lies will catch up to Flynne (and Burton). That’s how lying works (especially when that lying involves organized crime).

They’ve trodden a fine line when lying to the law and when lying to their close family and friends.

Burton still didn’t trust Billy Ann (due to her husband Jasper’s affiliation with Corbell), even though she saved their lives.

Another issue they hadn’t discussed as a family: what should they tell Momma Fisher?

During the hour, the Fishers told their mom everything. She didn’t necessarily believe them, but she relented and asked an important question: do Flynne and Burton have any power in these situations?

Bob on The Phone - The Peripheral Season 1 Episode 5

It’s an interesting question that also had us questioning things.

Burton sends money to Corbell, but he’s relying on Corbell to keep up his end of the bargain.

Flynne is getting paid and sent the medication for her mom because she’s helpful to Lev and his team. What happens when she stops becoming useful?

Ella: The idea that the worst thing a person can do is grow dependent on some outsider. All they care about is taking something from your pocket and putting it in there’s, and on a regular basis too.
Flynne: But we aren’t paying them anything. They’re the ones paying us.
Ella: That’s what my uncle Charles must’ve thought when that loan money came in. They’re giving me these drugs. What happens if I stop taking them?
Flynne: I don’t know.
Ella: What happens if you stop paying Corbell Pickett?

Flynne took the question of power as a challenge to show the people in the Peripheral that she had some control and that she had power.

The way she did that? By confronting Dr. Cherise Nuland face to face.

Cherise Threatening Flynne - The Peripheral Season 1 Episode 5

Wilf tried to talk her out of the confrontation, but Flynne decided for herself and was determined to show her strength to Cherise.

During Cherise and Flynne’s stressful and tense encounter, Dr. Nuland continued to make constant threats, even though Flynne denied having information.

Cherise: How can I be of help?
Flynne: You mean besides not killing me and my family?
Cherise: Well, exactly, because that’s rather non-negotiable.

Aelita most likely has the “missing information” that Dr. Nuland desperately wanted but still vowed to kill Flynne.

Doctor Cherise Nuland revealed that she currently inhabited a Peripheral for security reasons.

Following their heated discussion, an all-out hand-to-hand brawl between the two women broke out.

Wilf Brooding - The Peripheral Season 1 Episode 5

This fight was awesome to watch. It was Intense but relatively short.

Doctor Nelund seemingly had control of Flynne during their conversation, but Flynne quickly subdued Cherise and snapped the Peripheral’s neck.

Cherise: I’ve lived through more extremity than you could possibly imagine. It would crush your tiny little mind. So please, don’t care to lecture me about pain.
Flynne: Oh, I don’t want to lecture you. I just want to snap your fucking neck.

Now, technically, this isn’t killing anyone. Sorry for the clickbait. But! We know from Flynne’s experience in the Burton Peripheral in The Peripheral Season 1 Episode 1 that dying inside a Peripheral hurts!

Hopefully, she caused Cherise some (deserved) pain and also (hopefully) proved that messing with Flynne Fisher has consequences.

This episode brought everything we wanted when we asked for more action, but it also kept its amount of intrigue and mystery.

Robo-Daniel - The Peripheral Season 1 Episode 5

This is the first episode to balance those two aspects quite well.

Flynne’s journeys into The Peripheral also seemed to have given her a bacterial infection, and she received a spinal tap to discover what was happening.

The episode balanced world-building, action, and emotion almost perfectly while showing off the incredible cast’s acting skills.

Seriously, this cast is incredible. Everyone brings something unique to the table and is at their best.

A lot more questions opened up with this segment, though, and with only three episodes remaining, we wonder how much the show will wrap up in one season.

Aelita West - The Peripheral Season 1 Episode 5

What happened to Bob? Sheriff Tommy got injured when his car got flipped by a mysterious man in one of those invisible cars, and they took Bob.

Aelita got featured in a lengthy flashback to before her disappearance, where there was an excellent reference to the pilot when she threatened one of her friend Grace’s coworkers (Grace was the woman who got stung to death).

Excuse me. I just want to say you have the most extraordinary eyes. Seriously. I’d kill for eyes like that.


We loved this little easter egg (because we know she removed that woman’s eye), and it also explained how Aelita knew about the mysterious technology that Dr. Nuland continues to work on and keep secret.

What Aelita got shown was terrible, but we cannot help but wonder if the strange technology could also be used for good.

Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long to receive answers!

Bloody Sheriff - The Peripheral Season 1 Episode 5

So, Fanatics, what did you think of What About Bob?

Like we were, were you on the edge of your seat for most of the episode?

Let us know in the comments below! The Peripheral is based on the novel by William Gibson and airs on Amazon Prime on Fridays.

Michael Stack is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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