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The Peripheral Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Jackpot

Flynne went through a lot emotionally and physically on The Peripheral Season 1 Episode 4.

Jackpot proved to be a “jackpot” for The Peripheral, as it painted a bleak picture but also made for the best episode of the season.

The level of intrigue turned to a hundred as we learned what happened to the world between 2032 and 2099.

Flynne Learning the History - The Peripheral Season 1 Episode 4

This image of the world is dark and depressing, and it started with another young Wilf (while he still was known as Wolf) flashback scene with Aelita.

Young Wolf and Aelia lived on the streets in a dusty, war-torn London.

Flynne Learning History - The Peripheral Season 1 Episode 4

Set in 2075, the world looks like it ended up in chaos after what, later in the episode, is revealed to be called the Jackpot.

This flashback didn’t give us much insight into what happened, but it provided more backstory into their closeness.

They were inseparable, and even when one child was sent to go do something for the entire group of children, they wanted to stick together.

This caused a cliffhanger: both children got taken by armed guards in hazmat suits.

Now, because of The Peripheral Season 1 Episode 3, we know that they eventually end up in the same foster home. But what happens before all of that?

Wilf in Flynne's Sim - The Peripheral Season 1 Episode 4

Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long to find out because we are already halfway through the season.

Jackpot may not have given us those answers, but we did get one major show question answered: what happened between 2032 and 2099?

The answer? A WHOLE lot of terrible events.

Told through a fascinating (interactive?) cemetery/museum, Wilf and Ash showed Flynne all of the destruction that happened starting in 2039 — only seven years from her present time.

This series of events ranged from nuclear missile explosions to agricultural collapse.

Flynne in a Home Movie Sim - The Peripheral Season 1 Episode 4

They call this mass of events the Jackpot, which was told through fascinating imagery surrounding Flynne.

The special effects in this scene were incredible, and we really enjoyed the different ways they showed Flynne and, ultimately, the viewer what transpired over these 60+years.

While this answered a big question, it opened up some smaller questions that we may or may not get answered by the season’s end.

How did these certain people survive? What will the future (the further future) be like for people? Will Flynne be able to save herself and her family?

But the biggest question introduced during this episode: Is the headset/going into the Peripheral killing Flynne?

Ash - The Peripheral Season 1 Episode 4

Flynne’s health took a darker turn than just some hand cramping. She ended up having a full-on seizure in front of Burton (after yet another argument).

Flynne’s seizure didn’t seem to have any lasting effects (which baffled the doctor), but Burton (rightfully) started becoming worried about the Peripheral.

He forced Flynne to take some time off while he figured out what to do, and while he wanted to go into the Peripheral himself, Connor got sent in instead.

Burton: I guess I’m worried you’re not thinking clearly.
Flynne: What?
Burton: You can’t be rational about this.
Flynne: You fucking kidding me right now? Rational? Why cause I’m a woman?
Burton: That’s not what I’m saying, Flynne.
Flynne: Not everyone is as cold-blooded as you and your fucking jarhead friends, alright? Not everyone wants to be.

Burton let Connor control Flynne’s Peripheral, which let Connor obtain the ability to control limbs again.

Eventually, Connor and the future clan met off-screen about Flynne’s worsening condition.

Burton Concerned for Flynne - The Peripheral Season 1 Episode 4

Having this meeting take place off-screen seemed like a weird choice at the time, but the payoff proved worth it.

Flynne found herself taking a stroll down memory lane in a home video-turned-simulation. This home video featured her and Burton as a kid trick-or-treating with their dad.

During the sim, Wilf visited Flynne, and after she admonished him for invading her personal space, they connected more and on a deeper level.

Wilf finally revealed to Flynne that he and Aelita are siblings, and Flynne talked more about her relationship with her family.

Wilf also alerted Flynne that Connor had entered her Peripheral and that they were going to start investigating the side effects on their side of things.

Lev and Doctor Nuland - The Peripheral Season 1 Episode 4

Flynne and Wilf have a bit of a trust issue going on. Every time they speak about something important, he gives Flynne his word.

Flynne is getting tired of this statement, but she had been tired of it from the beginning, not knowing if his word meant anything.

Wilf: We’ll investigate the headset. We’ll only ask you to return if it’s safe. Give you my word.
Flynne: You and your word, huh?
Wilf: I mean it.
Flynne: The truth twice in one conversation. Careful now, Wilf, it might become a habit.

Granted, he’s helped her in the past, but he (and the other future people) have their own goals to reach. Would they sacrifice Flynne to achieve their goals?

I can’t confidently say they wouldn’t. Also, the biggest question (that’s slowly morphing into a gripe) is: what’s the end goal for ANYONE in 2099?

Wilf, Lev, Ash, and that squad want Aelita back, but what then? Doctor Nuland wants to find Aelita before them, but what then? Honestly, we just want to know everything at once!

Dr. Nuland and Lev - The Peripheral Season 1 Episode 4

Doctor Nuland proved to be a terrifying adversary once again as she broke past Lev’s perimeter security to speak to him and by creating a robot of the (now-deceased) Daniel.

She terrifies us, and with weaponized bees in her arsenal, we don’t know what else she may have up her sleeve.

With threats closing in on Flynne and Wilf, they need to up the ante on their search for the still-missing Aelita. Aelita also may have some health risks approaching quickly.

Lev: At the very least, you must guard yourself for the harsh reality of Aelita’s death.
Wilf: Why?
Lev: Without the immunity boost of her implant, how long can she last?

What will happen? What will the end goal be? There are only four episodes left in the season, so hopefully, we will get some answers soon.

We can’t help but wonder: is there any way for Flynne to prevent the Jackpot from happening?

Doctor Nuland - The Peripheral Season 1 Episode 4

So, Fanatics, what did you think of the season’s halfway mark?

Did you enjoy the episode as much as we did?

Let us know in the comments below! The Peripheral is based on the novel by William Gibson and airs on Amazon Prime on Fridays.

Michael Stack is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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