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The CW Eyes More Cancellations as New Owner Says “A Couple of Shows” May Survive

The CW looks set for a significant rebrand under the eye of new ownership.

Nexstar took control of the network earlier this year, and it sounds like the remaining scripted originals are in danger.

The network canceled many shows earlier this year, including Legacies, Batwoman, Legends of Tomorrow, and many more.

Red Carpet Event -- Squatter - All American Season 5 Episode 3

Back in May, it was revealed that The Flash and Riverdale would both be ending in 2023.

More recently, Stargirl was canceled after three seasons, and Nancy Drew after its upcoming fourth season.

Medical News - All American Season 5 Episode 1

All American, All American: Homecoming, Kung Fu, Walker, Walker Independence, The Winchesters, Superman & Lois, and Gotham Knights are the only shows on the network not to know whether they’ll have a future when the big changes arrive.

The network shocked many when it revealed that The Winchesters and Walker: Independence would not be getting back orders, despite strong (by CW standards) numbers.

The move casts a dark cloud over both shows, but we probably won’t get clarity on the situation for another few months.

“Programming for The CW is in place for the 2022-2023 broadcast season,” and “that programming is consistent with what the programmers have historically had on the air for that timeframe,” Nexstar CFO and EVP Lee Ann Gliha said on an earnings call this week, reports Variety.

The Walker Brothers Season 2 Episode 1

“We will have some carryover commitment for the CBS (Paramount) and the WBD (Warner Bros. Discovery) programming in that year,” Gliha added, “but it’s minimal at that point.”

That doesn’t sound good for any of the shows, but it’s hard to rule out the network canceling everything at this point.

Nexstar wants to make The CW a profitable broadcast network by 2025, which will likely involve cheaper programming.

The network has been operating at a loss for its entire existence because it was essentially used as a content farm for Warner Bros. Discovery and Viacom shows that would make money with streaming deals and international sales.

Nancy Looks Deep In Thought - Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 5

What are your thoughts on the news?

Do you think more shows will get the boot?

Hit the comments below.

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