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The Calling Cast and Executive Producer Matthew Tinker Talk Compelling New Peacock Series

Peacock’s slate of scripted originals is increasing.

This month comes The Calling from David E. Kelley television.

The Calling is based on a series of books by Dror A. Mishani focused on police detective Avraham Avraham.

The Calling Cast

This version of the series is set on the same character set in New York, NYPD detective Avi Avraham (Jeff Wilbusch), whose superpower comes from his belief in mankind, giving him a unique perspective on crime and an uncanny ability to uncover the truth.

The series follows Avi, who, guided by a deep sense of spirituality and religious principles, questions his humanity when seemingly routine investigations are turned upside down.

The Calling Poster

Joining Avi on the job is a new detective, Janine Harris (Juliana Canfield), who dreams of a brilliant career with the NYPD.

Janine spots Avraham’s superpower immediately and demands to work with him, arming her with everything she needs to ascend the ranks.

We talked with Wilbusch and Canfield about their on-screen partnership and for some more insight into the show and their characters.

Karen Robinson plays Captain Kathleen Davies, a kind and seasoned police captain who knows how to best manage her team.

Michael Mosley is Detective Earl Malzone, who greatly respects Avraham even though he approaches the work from a much different angle.

In our interview, Robinson talks about how she’s been enjoying a renaissance in police captain roles and why she believes The Calling stands apart from other murder mysteries on the canvas.

From Mosely, we got insight into how his character views working alongside Avi and how it impacts his own career as a detective, as well as what he believes viewers will find on The Calling that they won’t find elsewhere.

We also had the opportunity to chat with Executive Producer Matthew Tinker about his working relationship with Kelley and why now was the right time to bring the Avraham Avraham series to TV.

He also discussed how the series will be structured and how Avi stands out from other detectives on TV.

He also spoke of the search for the best actor to portray Avraham (it was surprisingly easy) and what Barry Levinson brought to the canvas with his direction.

The Calling Season 1 consists of two cases with far-reaching implications for a thrilling cast of characters.

While the cast is first-rate, the guest stars do much to complement their work, making the series immensely watchable.

You get your chance to watch the show when it premieres on Thursday, November 10, only on Peacock.

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