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SEAL Team Trailer: Bravo Team Learns of Clay’s Shocking Death

Bravo Team is in mourning.

Paramount+ has unveiled the official trailer for SEAL Team Season 6 Episode 9, which is teased as the first part of a two-part “cinematic event.”

It also serves as the aftermath of SEAL Team Season 6 Episode 8, which said goodbye to Max Thieriot as Clay Spenser.

The Truth Comes Out - SEAL Team

“After a successful interrogation in Jordan, BRAVO is given devastating news that will impact the Team forever,” the official logline for “Damage Assessment” reads.

The trailer teases some tense scenes as everyone learns of Clay’s passing.

Clay Helps Ben - SEAL Team Season 6 Episode 8

Understandably, the team struggles, more so because they are deployed, and there’s a good chance they won’t be making it back to the U.S. in a timely manner.

The mission in Jordan sends the team on to the next phase as they try to find and take down Yasiri before it’s too late.

If you watch SEAL Team online, you know Bravo Team has struggled to work together amid some huge changes.

Knowing that things have changed dramatically at home should push them together as they try to complete this mission successfully.

Clay Pleads - SEAL Team Season 6 Episode 8

There are also a lot of eyes on the team because of some very public issues, so there will be an increased desire for them to finish up and get home.

Losing Clay will change the entire series because he’s been on a very different journey throughout SEAL Team Season 6.

However, the series has always been about telling topical stories, so it wasn’t surprising he didn’t find happiness off-screen.

Also, Thieriot’s series-regular status on Fire Country would have made his continued appearances on SEAL Team difficult.

Another Angle - SEAL Team Season 6 Episode 7

The aftermath of Clay’s death will probably set the stage for some big changes for the team.

Ray already announced his intention to leave when he can retire.

He wants to run the veteran center and help the people harmed by war.

Check out the trailer for the episode below.

What are your thoughts on the clip?

Do you think it was the right way to end Clay’s arc?

Hit the comments.

SEAL Team continues Sundays on Paramount+.

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