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S.W.A.T. Season 6 Episode 5 Review: Unraveling

What happens when a robbery turns into something more?

On S.W.A.T. Season 6 Episode 5, 20-Squad stops a flash-mob robbery, but it leads them to trying to save factory workers from a worse fate.

Meanwhile, Street tries to get through to Powell after she defies orders on the field.

Flash Mob - S.W.A.T.

I feel like S.W.A.T. has really been nailing it with the storylines lately.

The series really digs into the backstories of all of its characters.

Ignoring Orders - Tall - S.W.A.T. Season 6 Episode 5

This episode involved a very Powell-heavy storyline.

Can I just say that it made me love her even more?

After she ignored Street’s orders out in the field during the flash-mob robbery, Street expressed his concern to Hondo, who was all too familiar with Powell’s behavior.

Hondo fully trusted Street to get through to her.

It really showed the growth that he’s had since the pilot episode, which adds on to his character development.

Rebeling - Tall - S.W.A.T. Season 6 Episode 5

Hondo believed that Powell would open up to Street.

He was definitely right, as always.

I don’t want me or 20-Squad around when that luck runs out.


Powell told Street about her partner, Gabe when she was working search and rescue.

It’s a heartbreaking story that also makes you realize why she doesn’t really like playing by the rules.

Taking a Special Case - Tall - S.W.A.T. Season 6 Episode 5

Street felt sorry for her and, at the same time, told her that defying the rules isn’t going to help. It won’t help the team, either.

It really was the embodiment of who he is since he’s trying to be hard on her, but he understood what she was going through.

Street: There’s hope. She heard me today.
Hondo: Key word is “today.” I’m still worried about tomorrow.

Street is determined to help her, no matter how long it takes, and it’s another thing that’s just part of who he is.

Hondo, however, had faith in him that he will be able to help her.

Unfortunately, he also stressed that if he doesn’t, Powell’s out. Which not only puts pressure on her but on Street.

Stopping the Worst - S.W.A.T. Season 6 Episode 5

I like to think of this as a full-circle moment.

It’s no secret that Street had problems once upon a time and even still does every once in a while.

All it took was someone believing in him and taking a chance on him, albeit multiple times, for him to turn his life around.

The fact that Street is doing the same with Powell is so incredible.

I am so excited to see this storyline continue, and I’m intrigued to see how this dynamic will work out.

Enlisting Help - Tall - S.W.A.T. Season 6 Episode 5

It’s so refreshing to see how S.W.A.T. isn’t afraid to get into deep storylines, especially in this day and age.

I mean, you have to with the nature of the series.

During the flash-mob, a woman was killed, and Deacon thought he was responsible for it.

A white male cop shooting an unarmed Black female would not look good if it were true.

Luckily, the ballistics didn’t match with Deacon’s gun.

Fearing the Worst - Tall - S.W.A.T. Season 6 Episode 5

Deacon was still as determined as ever to find the person or persons responsible.

The death shook him up, and at points, it looked like he was going to go over the edge.

I’m gonna get these guys, and get Latoya Turner some justice.


He was motivated to find the gunmen and ensure that LaToya Turner didn’t die for nothing.

We know that Deacon hasn’t had the greatest storylines when it comes to certain aspects.

It again shows just how much he has grown over the last few seasons.

Sinister Murder - Tall - S.W.A.T. Season 6 Episode 5

That personality just makes him a better cop overall.

Knowing that he was so affected by something he saw or did or didn’t do in the field proves that he is a good person.

it wasn’t just because he thought he was responsible.

It’s over.


Once he found out it wasn’t him, he went full force.

Although it was heartbreaking, I think it was necessary to show just how far he’d go to get justice for an innocent woman.

Future Mom - Tall - S.W.A.T. Season 6 Episode 5

Another great storyline we got was Nichelle, who I think has been getting a lot of great storylines already this season.

She started her first day at her new job, but it didn’t seem like she was going to stick around for it.

I can be objective.


Due to a program shutting down, she tried to talk her boss and the Inspector General into keeping it.

The only thing that was brought up was the fact that Hondo’s her boyfriend.

So she felt like giving up because it was true, since she was going around getting statements from his cop buddies, like Luca.

Flash-Mob Robbery - Tall - S.W.A.T. Season 6 Episode 5

Hondo didn’t let her give up,  he couldn’t let her give up.

He gave her some very wise advice.

I see a situation, and I think about it as a cop, I think about it as a Black man, and a member of the South L.A. community and a hundred other things. And my ultimate decision is the better for it.


Nichelle did stick to her gut and stayed with the job.

This show can keep the conversations going during the episode and even after, which is stimulating.

There’s deep and important storylines that not a lot of shows include, but S.W.A.T. does, even as a cop procedural.

Feeling the Stress - Tall - S.W.A.T. Season 6 Episode 5

Nichelle gets so passionate and when she’s determined, it’s hard to say no to her.

After she came up with a plan for the program, she got approval from her boss and the Inspector General.

It’s not easy, and I know the toll it takes on you.


While she wasn’t excited about the job at first, she can make some changes with it.

I’m so excited to see where it takes her next.

Even if she still has to convince her boss she’s the right one for the job.

Going In - Tall - S.W.A.T. Season 6 Episode 5

Overall, this was yet another episode of S.W.A.T. I thoroughly enjoyed.

It’s fulfilling to dig deeper into storylines and watch characters that are still underdeveloped since we haven’t seen much of them yet.

S.W.A.T. is doing such an incredible job including more individual storylines, and it will be interesting to see what’s next.

I am genuinely curious and looking forward to seeing how Street deals with Powell, especially since I feel like he is still learning a few things himself.

He has definitely come a long way, and that was proven on S.W.A.T. Season 6 Episode 4.

First Day Jitters - Tall - S.W.A.T. Season 6 Episode 5

Nichelle’s determination has been a breath of fresh air since we’re getting more of her, and it should be fascinating to see what programs or initiatives she comes up with while at her job.

Her dynamic with Theo is an interesting one, and it shouldn’t be long until he finally warms up to her.

Meanwhile, Deacon’s storylines are also so intriguing and complex.

I’m hoping that he’ll get a fun one soon because he really has been through a lot.

The same could also be said for the rest of the team, who are definitely overdue for a fun filler episode.

Factory Workers - Tall - S.W.A.T. Season 6 Episode 5

How do you think Street and Powell’s dynamic will be like moving forward? Seeing him step into a mentor role should be interesting since he’s never been one before. But considering all that he’s been through, he knows a thing or two about not following the rules.

As for Nichelle, she seems to be getting the hang of her job already and standing up to her bosses. She’s already done so much good without the LAPD, and this episode proved that she can do even more good with the LAPD. Even if it takes some work.

With S.W.A.T. being off next week, there is plenty of time to soak in the events of this episode and think about what could possibly happen in two weeks.

So, Fanatics, what did you think of the episode? Share your thoughts below and be sure to watch S.W.A.T. online via TV Fanatic!

Megan Behnke is a staff writer for TV Fanatic, who you can follow on Twitter.

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