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Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Halfway to a Threeway

Reginald hasn’t had time to rest since he got turned by Maurice, and Halfway to a Threeway proved no different.

Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 6 saw Reginald dealing with a crazed lover, but not one that he expected (or wanted).

Nikki, played brilliantly by Christin Park, added a great aspect to the show that we didn’t know we needed until now. 

Reginald and Sarah - Reginald the Vampire

From Reginald the Vampir’s Season 1 Episode 5’s ending, to the interesting title of the episode, Halfway to a Threeway had some big and weird shoes to fill.

Thankfully, early in the episode, we get what we’ve all been waiting for: Reginald and Sarah share a romantic kiss!

Nikki’s addition really added something special to the series and elevated the overall quality.

Nikki proved pretty crazy (she became obsessed with Reginald VERY quickly), but she stood up to Angela.

Nikki: When my heart cracked open, I heard it crack.
Angela: Hearts don’t crack.
Nikki: Mine did.

Luckily, SYFY promised batshit crazy in the promos, and Reginald the Vampire delivered.

Ashley, one of the best characters in the entire series, got caught up in the middle of the super weird love triangle between Sarah, Reggie, and Nikki.

Some interesting facts also got revealed during the hour, especially one involving Mike. 

Mike and Penelope (One of Angela’s inner circle vampires) slept together, and this didn’t seem like the first time. We’d love to know more about most of the vampires in this show, and these two are no exception.

Also, Reginald’s a virgin.

Reginald: I have to tell you something.
Sarah: Oh!
Reginald: And brace yourself because I can’t fully word what a shocker this is gonna be. But the thing I wasn’t telling you? My big bold impossible secret is: I’m ki- I’m… a virgin!

It seemed like Reginald was prepped to tell Sarah about his vampirism, but we were wrong. He revealed the virginity card instead.

Maurice Smiling - Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 6

Angela’s love life also took an unexpected yet fascinating turn. 

Angela and Reginald conversed about loving, and Maurice and he talked about loving a human and how it doesn’t work.

However, it got revealed to us that Angela has had a long-lasting sexual and partially emotional relationship with a human woman. 

Angela’s relations with anyone seemed weird, but not for any reason other than that she always seems cold and uncaring, unable to love (anymore, since Maurice).

Being proved wrong with the heart of a character always adds more intrigue, making Angela seem more human (well, not human, I guess… sane).

Reginald the Vampire Poster with Background Season 1 Episode 1

The hour focused a lot on the concept of love and other forms of romantic/sexual relationships (and how some people make it difficult).

But on Reggie and Sarah’s third date, some things went wrong (VERY wrong).

Right before Reggie and Sarah started to do the nasty, Sarah experienced a flashback from when Angela visited her at the slushie shack. 

Angela glamored Sarah to do the unthinkable: kill Reginald. 

Luckily, and weirdly, Nikki came in and saved the day right as Sarah brandished a vampire-slaying stake. 

Sarah on a Date - Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 6

Whatever will happen next, we need to wait because the episode ends after Nikki saved Reginald, and he drank some of her blood to calm down, and they had an intimate moment.

Only time will tell what (if any) impact this moment will have on Reginald, but the more pressing issues hopefully will take over.

Can a human be un-glamored? 

Sarah (most likely, given our current information) will try and kill Reginald, and the glamor won’t break until she succeeds: but there must be another way to break it, right?

Can another glamor undo the first glamor? Like breaking a spell or a hex?

Reginald on a Date - Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 6

Having to wait for these answers frustrates, but the next episode looks promising, and hopefully, they will reveal all of the details we want to know.

Another big concern for Reginald involved the Vampire assessment: Angela moved up the date. 

Now, the untrained Reginald has even LESS time to work on his vampire skills, which may make the test deadly for more than just him.

Luckily, Reginald won over Mike and Nikki, so he does have more vampires in his corner now.

The only way for him to survive will involve a lot of training, so hopefully, it works out. 

Sarah Embracing Reggieq - Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 6

There ended up being a glaring absence throughout this episode: Claire. 

Reginald’s only human friend that knows about him being a vampire didn’t appear during the hour. Granted, it was a busy hour, but we missed her!

Hopefully, we will get more from her sooner rather than later.

Another person we (really, desperately) want more of is Ashley, Reginald’s investigative coworker and potential friend of Nikki.

Ashley left another lasting impression with her small emotional love monologue, and we want MORE from this character (and, in turn, Marguerite Hanna, who portrays Ashley skillfully).

Ashley: Falling in love is like being in a jumbo pot of love soup. All of its byproducts: fear, anxiety, obsession, giving a heart to your one true love… if you try and act out all of those emotions, including killing your romantic rival, all at once, you’re going to end up alone and in jail.

Reginald Embracing Sarah - Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 6

Halfway to a Threeway did keep the batshit-crazy promise while also providing fans with the best episode of the season so far.

We can’t say this enough, but Nikki’s (Christin Park’s) addition certainly helped improve this episode’s quality.

Her bubbly, eccentric, insane, yet nuanced personality shines well in the crazy world formed in Reginald the Vampire.

It may be halfway through the season, but maybe this is a sign that Reginald the Vampire has finally found its way as a series because we wouldn’t mind this quality throughout the rest of the first season’s run.

Nikki, the Killer - Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 6

So, Fanatics, what did you think of the episode?

Do you love the addition of Nikki as much as we do?

Let us know in the comments below, and remember you can watch Reginald the Vampire online here on TV Fanatic.

Michael Stack is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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