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Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 9 Review: Whisper To Us

We were presented with another mystery surrounding the Landrys on Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 9 but is it worth the wait?

Mr. Randloph brought Darla and Ralph Angel proof that not only is the bank ripping off black farmers, but they’re giving the Landrys a pass on their loans as long as the loan manager gets to line his pockets.

Ralph Angel and Tru - Queen Sugar

How does this bank stay in business if it’s not lending money to small farmers and not making the big ones pay at all?

And what are the Landrys building on Betty’s land? Is Ralph Angel right? Would they be able somehow to cut off the water supply to the other farms and drive them under?

We’ve got a lot more questions than answers, but I wish it felt more exciting. What this new twist invoked more than anything was the longing that Charley would return.

And I know that’s beating the proverbial dead horse. The odds of the actress returning before the series ends are nil. But this type of dirty conspiracy is just the type of thing that Charley could unravel and come up with a plan to take down.

But if they didn’t have Charley return to face her son after he betrayed her, I doubt there’s any hope she’ll return for this. I know I should move on and leave my We Need Charley Bordelon banner behind, but after six seasons of following her story, I’m finding it hard to put down.

Considering Their Future - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 9

Violet appeared convinced that Betty, Parker’s mother, would be upset with the underhanded tactics the Landrys are using, but as Hollywood pointed out, it’s been decades since Violet and Betty have spoken. A lot can change and likely has.

Betty could have passed on, she could be in an assisted care facility, she might not care what happens with the land, or she might just have her daughter’s back.

As much as I hope they find Betty and get some answers, this will likely be an excuse for Parker to pop up once again, and I’m not looking forward to that. Parker was tolerable when Charley was there to keep her in check, but having her run around St. Jo’s with that smug smile makes me loathe her.

Speaking of Hollywood and Violet, they’re considering becoming foster parents again, which is a fantastic idea.

These two have the love, the willingness, the home, and the resources to make a difference in kids’ lives when they’re at their lowest. Any child would be lucky to end up in Violet and Hollywood’s care, whether long or short-term.

Dads On Patrol - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 9

You’ve got a whole lot of lovin’, and there’s children out there who need it. Shall we think about fostering again?


Hollywood has become a Dad, mentor, and friend to almost everyone. His Dads On Patrol idea was as cheesy as a good Dad joke but also inspired.

And thank goodness Ralph Angel has Hollywood in which to turn. Ralph Angel has Darla, Aunt Vi, and his sisters, but at times he needs a man’s advice, and there’s no one better than Hollywood.

Hollywood understood Ralph Angel’s rage towards Chase but pushed him to set that aside and be there for Darla and his family. He also didn’t dissuade Ralph Angel from seeking therapy, which he could likely use to get a handle on his temper.

It was interesting to hear Darla give her take on having Chase make monthly payments to the Farmer’s Co-op. She views it as a donation that will make him remember what he did to her on a monthly basis.

Darla Owns Her Truth - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 8

I don’t have a problem with Darla getting her proverbial pound of flesh; I just hope it doesn’t come back to haunt her.

I’ve been thinking differently. I’m not afraid. I’m not ashamed. I’m here, and all is well.


And she’s likely right that they shouldn’t burden Blue with knowing that Chase may be his biological father. There’s no upside in that for Blue. That’s difficult enough for an adult to handle, never mind a child.

Darla has finally found her footing. She knows who she is, what she wants, and what she’s survived. No one can take that from her.

Darla was able to forgive Nova without forgetting that Nova used her story without her permission. Those fake names didn’t fool anyone. The consequences of that book were worse for Darla than for almost anyone else.

Dealing With the Aftermath - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 9

I see now what you were trying to do with your book. I don’t like how you did it. You told my story without my permission, but you also poured light into what I hid too long in the dark.


So, it was a relief to see her find a way past that and be able to ask for what she wanted to make it right. But the question then becomes, how will Chase react when he sees the new ending to the story?

Micah was learning where he wanted his story to go by heading back to Keke, the artists at school, and finding the soul of his photography.

As much as I felt cheated by not having Micah face Charley or Davis, it was satisfying to witness him tell off Zane.

[to Zane] I want to thank you, actually, for showing me everything I never want to be up close and personal. The greed, the desperation, the hollowness. I want to feel full. If that’s cheesy, then so be it.


MIcah Faces Off - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 9

And then there’s Nova.

Oh, Nova. What does she want? Despite saying she just wanted a dance, Camille must think Nova is looking to rekindle their old flame to give them the chance they never had.

And if that’s not what Nova is after, she needs to make that clear soon. Reconnecting with Camille has helped Nova find peace with her father, but will that come at the expense of Camille or Dominic?

You were the best thing to happen to me back then, but I was outed to my father, and he never looked at me the same. I mean, up until then, I adored him, and he adored me. And then there was a sadness in his eyes, and it broke me.


At this point, it feels like Nova is stringing one of them along, and I’m not even certain Nova knows which one.

Reconnecting With Camille - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 9

Nova wondered what would have been different if she hadn’t dumped Camille without a word and runoff.

It’s always romantic to play the what-if game, but I agree with Camille that things generally work out how they’re supposed to.

Nova never wanted children, and we can assume Camille did since she has two of them. Nova wanted to travel, but Camille was happy to remain in Louisiana.

But are these two supposed to become a couple now? Maybe, but Nova has to figure out what she wants, and history has shown she’s not great at doing that.

Overall, this felt like a lackluster installment or perhaps more of a setup for things to come.

Nova Makes Peace - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 9

So, what do you think, Queen Sugar fans?

Should Nova dump Dominic and give things with Camille another chance?

Can Hollywood get elected to the school board?

Should they tell Blue about Chase?

And are the Landrys desperately in debt?

Hit that SHOW COMMENTS button down below to let us know, and then check back next week for our Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 10 review.

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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