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Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 10 Review: They Existed

There was love, light, and a little bit of treachery rolled up in Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 10 as everyone came together to celebrate Prosper and Sandy’s wedding.

The celebration was everything it should have been, minus one small sugar cane fire.

Sandy and Prosper Get Married - Queen Sugar

No one looked happier than Prosper, and who could deserve it more?

It wasn’t all that long ago when he was sitting alone, equal parts depressed and terrified during the pandemic.

Now, look at him. He’s got love in his life. Prosper is smiling because he’s looking forward to his future with Sandy and these two are cuter than any teenage couple could be.

It just shows that the older you get, the sweeter the love can be.

Billie’s love life had also taken a turn for the better as she called in Vince for backup to help investigate the fraudulent activity at the bank.

Their years together shown through as Billie and Vince worked together seamlessly.

Billie's Reconsidering Her Romance - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 10

Not for the first time, I wondered why Billie had walked away from this man, even though I knew the answer. Their relationship was hampered by Billie’s secrets and guilt. Things she carried through no fault of her own and she needed some time apart to figure it all out for herself. 

I feel different. I’m not scared anymore. I’m not twisted up inside about commitment and life. I don’t think I’ll get lost this time.


And in working on herself, Billie found her way back to Vince. She loved him. They’ve shared a life and children together. There was just one part missing, so she took matters into her own hands and asked Vince to marry her.

Billie: Vince, thank you for loving me more than I love myself. I adore you, baby. I have loved and I have cherished you, and I want to do that until death do us part. Will you marry me?
Vince: Hell, yes.

While Billie’s romance took a turn for the better, Nova’s hit a detour.

Dominic Returns - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 10

After finally dealing with Calvin face to face, and reconnecting with Camille, her first love, Nova seemed content to share her future with Dominic.

And as much as I’ve never been a fan of Dominic’s, I was happy for Nova.

My relationships have always had one foot out the door. I’ve always fallen for people I wouldn’t wholly let in. I’ve always given in to temptations in relationships, and I’m embarrassed to admit that, but it’s true. Somehow though, it’s been different with you.


Nova’s right. It’s never felt as though she’s given her whole self to a romantic relationship. When things have gone smoothly, Nova has generally bailed.

Nova seemed to give her all to her relationship with Calvin, but that was a mess from the start. He was cheating on his wife to be with Nova, which Nova knew but didn’t seem to care about.

Calvin Has Questions - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 7

They faced prejudice and hate from both the black and white communities. Nova being an activist, and Calvin, a police officer, was a huge obstacle even before she learned that he had brutalized a man as a rookie. Perhaps their love story was never meant to last.

But Dominic appeared to be one of Nova’s most stable pairings, and the lack of drama had begun to make them rootable because Nova deserves someone she can rely on who makes her happy.

And then Dominic had to betray her trust.

Nova wasn’t hiding anything from Dominic. She told him what she was writing about, how personal it was to her, and specifically asked him not to read it until she gave it to him, and he agreed. Then he immediately broke his promise and had the nerve to get angry at her.

Nova hadn’t told him about reconnecting with Calvin yet, but Dominic had just gotten home. After telling her he’d be gone for a few weeks, he’s been in Africa for months! And now he’s upset that Nova may not see him as the love of her life.

Nova Gets a Shock - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 7

Dominic’s actions don’t speak well for their future. Reading her personal accounts after being asked not to was childish. Getting angry at Nova for having felt great love for someone other than him was even more petulant.

Dominic: I’ve been on an island loving you, and you’ve been struggling to love me.
Nova: Dominic, I am right here. You have to believe me.

Just because Nova hasn’t fallen for Dominic as hard or as quickly as he has for her doesn’t mean she doesn’t love him. Few people feel the same emotion in exactly the same way or at the same time. Dominic should be old enough to realize that.

What bugged me the most was that Nova begged Dominic to believe in her feelings for him when she’s done nothing wrong. If anything, Dominic should be asking for forgiveness for snooping.

All of this has left me right where I started with Dominic. I don’t trust him, and believe Nova can do better.

Keke Explains - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 10

Even Micah and Keke were in a better place.

Keke was right to break up with Micah. They were both young and needed to explore the world a bit on their own. Now that experience has brought them back together.

Keke: It wasn’t a big deal in St. Jo because everyone knew me first. But here, when I tell people about you, they look at me like, why is he with her? She’s so country. I felt the jealousy and the judgment. It sucked.
Micah: It’s wild to me that people would say that because the minute I laid eyes on you, I felt like you were out of my league. You’re beautiful.

Keke always seemed like the confident one in this relationship, so it was enlightening to hear how dating someone semi-famous like Micah made her question how others perceived her.

Micah and Keke have the potential to be a great couple, and I’m rooting for them to forge their futures together.

Tru and Micah - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 10

Finally, we get to the Landrys. When Darla went to confront Sam Landry, all I could think was that this should have been Charley’s scene. I’ll say it again. Charley Bordelon has left a huge hole in this series that other characters can not fill.

That said, it was satisfying to see Darla come into her own and not let Sam or anyone else intimidate her. This season has been about her growth more than anyone else’s.

Darla: I almost feel sorry for you. You’re hiding so many secrets. It’s going to poison you from the inside out.
Sam: How dare you try and to talk to me like we’re familiar.
Darla: I’m not trying to talk to you. I am talking to you and very directly, in fact.

Sam did his best to put Darla back in her place, but she was having none of it. Now that Darla knows that the Landrys can’t pay their loans, it’s like a shark smelling blood in the water.

Sam Landry’s time is running out and Darla’s going to make sure it happens sooner rather than later.

The Best Man - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 10

People underestimate us, Mr. Landry. Just know that when everything comes crashing down for you, and we both know that that’s happening sooner than later, you’ll have brought your misery on yourself. Have a good day.


I was also proud of Ralph Angel for keeping his cool, even when Miller was so openly racist. The man is truly despicable.

But the files Randolph turned over are the equivalent of the string one tugs that causes the entire sweater to unravel.

Mr. Miller: The Landrys are pillars of this community, and they deserve a fair shake just like everybody else.
Ralph Angel: Years of missed loan payments is a fair shake, Mr. Miller?
Mr. Miller: They’re from an upstanding family. They’re not just a lazy thug looking for a handout. And I’m here to maintain that natural order.

Even if Ralph Angel and Darla did pay Miller a bribe, I doubt he’d help them. I’m sincerely hoping we see this man taken away in cuffs before the conclusion of the series.

Standing Up - Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 10

So what do you think, Queen Sugar fans? Should Nova have been begging Dominic’s forgiveness, or should that have been the other way around?

Do Keke and Micah have a future together?

And will Betty be the key to stopping the Landrys?

Hit that big, blue SHOW COMMENTS button below to share your thoughts, then check back in for our review of Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 11.

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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