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Partners in Rhyme Exclusive Clip: Lana’s Hospital Mix-Up!

Mistakes were made.

TV Fanatic scored an exclusive clip of the hit ALLBLK series, Partners in Rhyme, and it’s bound to make you giggle.

Rap legend MC Lyte not only stars in the series, but she co-created it, and you can tell she’s having a blast.

Partners in Rhyme

Partners in Rhyme is a family sitcom that is chocked full of laughs.

It’s about a legendary rapper, played by an actual rap legend and renaissance woman, MC Lyte.

Lana has devoted her time to managing the budding career of her niece, a social media starlet, high schooler, and foster kid who hopes to become the next Cardi B.

Partners in Crime - Tall

In the interim, Lana hopes that amid helping her niece, Luscious T, she’ll be able to kickstart and salvage her own career and hopefully get from beneath the massive debt she’s in.

Partners in Rhyme is currently in its second season. Its premiere was October 27, so it won’t take much to catch up with the new season.

The first season was jam-packed, leaving things on a shocking note, so there’s so much to unravel this season.

After the first season, fans were left hanging when Luscious T was faced with a significant decision — stay in LA with her aunt, Lana Crawford, or return home to be with her mother, Shay.

This season has picked up with the aftermath of that decision, and it continues to bring about deep personal turns for all the characters’ relationships.

All of which are put to the test.

Mekhi realizes that he cannot ride on his sister Lana’s coattails forever and attempts to refocus his own goals.

Meanwhile, Lana’s relationship with Boston has more ups and downs that threaten them as a couple.


High-power label executive Hazel Wilson returns with many surprises. And now that the label’s “cash cow” “is in limbo, she has the task of convincing Lana to pursue a new chapter in her life.

In the featured clip, Lana visits Hazel in the hospital, and it’s not looking good, as the heavily cast figure is barely recognizable.

But it turns out that’s where things get tricky and hilarious. Lana is at the wrong hospital bed!

Get your first look at Thursday’s all-new episode below.

Partners in Rhyme stars MC Lyte, Precious Way, Ron G, Cloie Wyatt Taylor, Wesley Jonathan, Rolonda Watts, Bruce Nozick, Junn Baby, Maritza Lazcano, Xhaania Wright, Andrea Torres, Duane Ramos, Jeff Rolle Jr., Eric Nenninger, and Emonjay Brown.

You can stream all-new episodes Thursdays on ALLBLK.

Jasmine Blu is a senior staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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