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Manifest Season 4 Episode 8 Review: Full Upright & Locked Position

Talk about a rollercoaster of emotions.

Manifest Season 4 Episode 8 featured some killer twists, chilling encounters, and a big return fans have been waiting all season long for. 

We’ll start with Angelina. She has more than one life at this stage, and her constantly popping back up is becoming cumbersome.

Happy Times

Her appearance on “Full Upright & Locked Position” was needed to tell the tale of the killers and why they were carrying out these criminal deeds.

Noelle kidnapping Adrian and complaining about what he did to help her daughter confirmed my theory that she’s targeting those who helped her daughter.

Arrested - Manifest Season 4 Episode 8

Say what you will about Adrian, but deep down, he doesn’t have a bad bone in his body. He’s been confused about his calling in life ever since his return.

He made some not Angelina-sized mistakes, but he thought his actions were necessary.

He helped Angelina when she needed him the most, even if she still blames him for leaving a trail back to her at his compound.

There have been several occasions I wanted to give Angelina the benefit of the doubt.

Searching for a Killer - Manifest Season 4 Episode 8

She’s had several opportunities to change her ways, but leaving Adrian’s fate to her mother was yet another example that she’s beyond redemption.

Angelina shows no remorse for her actions, so it’s difficult to be interested in her storyline whenever she’s on-screen.

Given that she survived her mother and father’s lair, she’ll probably pop back up when we least expect it.

Noelle and her husband were truly chilling as killers because they had resources.

Upset Zeke - Manifest Season 4 Episode 8

Noelle had this smug look throughout that I wanted to see taken away with the knowledge that an 828er killed her husband.

After what she put people through, it would have been karmic justice.

Her husband’s plan to murder baby Eden to show his daughter the kid wasn’t an angel was just par for the course with that family.

Seriously, we know some aspects of Angelina’s childhood, but how is it possible that these people even exist?

Where's TJ? - Manifest Season 4 Episode 8

Zeke getting shot was scary because he’s barely communicated with his wife. How would she feel if he died and he didn’t get to tell her about his relapse?

Everyone has been pulled in very different directions this season, so it’s been difficult for everyone to maintain relationships.

I’m thankful T.J. showed up when Olive needed him the most. Their relationship seemingly faltered on Manifest Season 3, but it looks like absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

Olive killing Angelina’s father to protect her sister must have been difficult, but she understood how deranged that man really was.

Safe Cal - Manifest Season 4 Episode 8

Killing someone will undoubtedly have a profound effect on her, but at least she can focus on the mission to find the sapphire to allow Saanvi the opportunity to get clearer callings from the passengers.

Eagan has been a despicable individual throughout his time on the series, but this episode made him seem fun-loving.

The true test for him will be whether he finds the sapphire and takes it to Saanvi or if he uses it as a bargaining chip for something.

I did laugh when he told the story of his first calling. There’s chancing your luck, and then there’s Eagan.

Saanvi on the Phone - Manifest Season 4 Episode 8

Ben finally showing up for his son was needed. If you watch Manifest online, you would be forgiven for believing the father-son bond was gone forever.

Ben let plenty of his relationships fall by the wayside while searching for his daughter, but he shouldn’t have neglected his bond with Cal.

They were tethered due to their mutual experience on Flight 828, and it shouldn’t have taken Cal being arrested and the truth about his cancer diagnosis to come out to repair that bond.

Ben obviously did a lot of reflecting while embarking on a mission to save his son from the law.

After Murder - Manifest Season 4 Episode 8

Who would have thought a calling would lead Ben back to another passenger we met on Manifest Season 1?

Many T.V. shows forget the past, but Manifest Season 4 has successfully tipped the hat to the past.

I’m unsure what will happen to Cal, but at least the family is somewhat intact.

Jared getting to work with 828ers again was well-deserved. Much like Drea, he understands the injustice and hate towards the people that returned on the flight five years later.

Disheveled Zeke - Manifest Season 4 Episode 7

He’s gone to bat for many of them, so I can’t think of anyone better to be working for The Registry than him. I would love it if the series ended with him as the company’s leader, but our wishes rarely come true when it comes to this show.

Zeke coming clean to Michaela about his addiction was a powerful scene. There was no dialog, just pure fine acting from both Matt Long and Melissa Roxburgh.

We’re heading into the final two episodes of the season now, and I can’t believe we’re about to get even more answers.

What did you think of the killer(s) reveal? Do you think Cal will survive the season?

Ben on the Phone - Manifest Season 4 Episode 7

What’s your take on Jared’s new job?

Hit the comments below.

Manifest Season 4 is now streaming on Netflix.

Paul Dailly is the Associate Editor for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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