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Manifest Season 4 Episode 7 Review: Romeo

Can we please give Cal a break?

Manifest Season 4 Episode 7 was an exhilarating hour of this NBC Netflix drama series. It really put Cal through the wringer, which is becoming a trend.

Every time things look up for him, it all comes crashing down.

Michaela and Jared Have a Plan

His lack of desire to see a specialist about his condition was not unexpected.

He wanted the family to have peace after so much stress with Eden. Could you imagine if he didn’t reach out to someone for help?

Karaoke Time - Manifest Season 4 Episode 7

I’m going to assume his cancer has returned based on those final scenes alone, and it’s heartbreaking knowing he has to go on the run for a crime he didn’t commit.

Violet’s death wasn’t much of a surprise. Given the number of 828ers who have died, there can’t be many more.

Ben: Look, I’m sorry I yelled at you last night.
Cal: Did something happen?
Ben: Anna Ross was murdered.
Cal: Oh my God.
Ben: Someone’s killing 828ers. Can’t have anything happen, which is why you gotta lay low. No leaving the house.
Cal: Wait. What? No one even knows who I am.
Ben: Angelina does.
Cal: Who’s she gonna tell? The police? They’ll arrest her.
Ben: Cal, It’s non-negotiable. Your life could be in danger.
Cal: Yeah, some life.
Ben: Cal.
Zeke: He’s got a lot on his mind.

There was a genuine spark between them, so of course, it would all crash down before Cal’s eyes.

All he wanted to do was blow off steam and live his life. He’s been going around with the Gabriel identity for so long that he’s probably starting to think he is this pseudonym.

Happy Cal - Manifest Season 4 Episode 7

Telling Violet the truth about his identity was bold, but he didn’t want to strike up a relationship with someone under false pretenses.

While it could be deemed a stupid move on his part, he’s probably trying to live every day like it’s his last… because it very well could be.

He could die of cancer, the serial killer, or the fast-approaching death date.

How else could someone process that amount of information without blowing off some steam?

Disheveled Zeke - Manifest Season 4 Episode 7

I admit, I figured Violet was a goner when she started texting back and just stopped. Cal’s message about a second date was forward, but he understood there was a connection.

I’m unsure how the serial killer has managed to evade capture or being seen because, you know, Cal was seen with Violet just before her death.

Noelle: Who do you think you are? You have some nerve thinking you can flash your badge and barge in. The police were already here, demolishing my home. Do you know what your partner did to me? She abducted my child. Jared: Actually, it sounds like she saved your child from you.
Noelle: How dare you! The only person Angelina needed saving from was herself. I bet she did kill those people. And if that is anyone’s fault, that’s yours. I tried to protect the world from my fallen angel, and I was doing a fine job of it until you took her away.
Michaela: So you’re telling me the last time you saw your daughter was in Costa Rica?
Noelle: The only person I would want in my home less than you is her.

Cal’s actions have consequences for some reason, and I’m starting to feel he’s being punished for veering off a path that might already be planned out for him.

He got some clarity about why he returned as a teenager, but he’s largely been devoted to saving everyone from the looming death date.

Searching for the Truth - Manifest Season 4 Episode 7

Now that he has to go on the run, it makes you wonder who will go with him. And, on that note, will the deaths even stop if he’s out of town?

There are still some 828ers alive for Noelle to kill, assuming Noelle is the killer.

It would make sense, but then, there’s also Angelina’s father, who is apparently out of town on business.

The big issue is that everyone being killed seems to have helped Angelina, so maybe her mother or father sees that as a penance of sorts.

It would help explain why Noelle didn’t harm Eagan. He was in her car after wanting money to stay quiet about her daughter.

X Marks the Spot - Manifest Season 4 Episode 7

Does that suggest that it’s solely the people who have helped Angelina that are getting the chop?

I don’t see Angelina being a part of the mission to kill these people, but that young woman has a particular brand of crazy, too, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

Jared: Wow! You believe all that?
Michaela: Not a word.
Jared: She certainly doesn’t like you.
Michaela: I don’t need her to if she’s not gonna give us proof that Angelina’s involved, maybe the bodies will.

Michaela and Jared have been in Noelle’s home, but will she have skipped town before they get back there?

Finding Noelle and bringing her to justice will be the key to Cal’s freedom, however long he has left.

Was That the Killer? - Manifest Season 4 Episode 7

Zeke’s struggle with addiction has been difficult to watch for many reasons. He spent so long saving other people and worrying about the care of others that he’s left himself in quite a state.

Not taking Cal’s prescription from the doctor was the best move, but I hope he consults with Michaela soon.

I know Michaela has been busy chasing serial killers and all to understand the true extent of her husband’s issues, but they both need to communicate better.

Zeke is a good liar. He has everyone thinking he’s all fine and dandy. As a result, I was glad Cal could see through that front and told him he knew something was up.

Lock Him Up - Manifest Season 4 Episode 7

Ben following the calling from Eden and finding the missing comatose 828 passengers, made for a fun change of pace for him.

Bringing Saanvi in was the best course of action because she’s been trying to find a scientific reason for everything that’s happened to the passengers.

Ben: Eden’s Calling led me to them. Someone must have dumped them here. Saanvi: Well, we still don’t know what the major did to them or why.

The Major making the passengers comatose was quite the revelation, and it also softened the blow of Saanvi killing her at the end of Manifest Season 2.

Saanvi will probably be the person to solve everything, but she also needs to think about self-care.

Finding a Killer - Manifest Season 4 Episode 6

In fact, all of our characters need to practice caring for themselves instead of helping others. With a death date looming, it probably helps everyone be busy as hell.

Saanvi seems to have accepted her fate. At least, that’s what the flashbacks would lead us to believe, but she won’t give up because she knows there are far more people than just her in danger.

“Romeo” was one of the best episodes of the entire series. It was thrilling, chilling, and everything in between.

I can’t wait to see how the rest of the season plays out!

Ben in Trouble Again - Manifest Season 4 Episode 6

What are your thoughts on Cal’s health and fugitive status?

Do you think Zeke should have turned to Michaela sooner?

Do you think Noelle is the killer?

Hit the comments below.

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Paul Dailly is the Associate Editor for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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