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Manifest Season 4 Episode 6 Review: Relative Bearing

Talk about a complicated web of lies.

Manifest Season 4 Episode 6 kicked off with everyone feeding the media and the cops a story with more holes than the lifeboat.

Their backs were against the wall, so there was no way they could get out of the explosion at Adrian’s supposed safe haven unscathed.

Ritual Time - Manifest

You could tell Ben and Michaela were aware their story didn’t hold much water (hehe), but they had to run with it.

It was risky, but there are only so many times they could get away with concealing the truth.

Finding the Meaning - Manifest Season 4 Episode 6

My theory about Jared and Drea getting on the wrong side of the law proved true. As I said, there had to be some ramifications.

What I love about Drea and Jared, though, is their devotion to the people they love.

They’ll move mountains for the Stones, even if it results in them losing their jobs.

I thoroughly enjoyed Jared questioning his moral compass because Vance was right: Sometimes, good people have to play in the grey area to help the needs of the many.

Finding Sam - Manifest Season 4 Episode 6

Vance has made many sacrifices, and helping these people has resulted in the loss of his family. At this stage, he’s just rolling with the punches, even if that means breaking the law.

Jared looks at the survivors of Flight 828 as humans, far from how the media and the general public portray them.

He was demoted for saving a survivor from an attack by a fellow officer. What kind of justice is that?

Michaela getting the calling with the ocean and blood was a massive cause for concern, and given Cal’s health, I thought it would be related to her nephew.

Trimming the

The captain swindling Sam for financial gain was despicable, so seeing Drea, Jared, and Michaela working together to get some vengeance was satisfying.

Jared could have gotten his job back if he had set his Captain free and overlooked his misdeeds, but he didn’t. It’s a shame Jared worried about his moral compass because everything he’s done throughout Manifest has been to help the people in need.

It was obvious the Captain wasn’t the murderer because, with Manifest, I always wait for the other shoe to drop. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun, but it makes some developments a little predictable.

The cut to Anna after everyone realized a murderer was amongst them made me think Anna was the killer for a split second, and my jaw hit the floor.

Sneaky Dude - Manifest Season 4 Episode 6

It would be wild development, but it wouldn’t have made sense, so it’s probably for the best the murderer appeared and took her out of the equation.

Anna infuriated me earlier in the season because she hid Angelina and Eden, which fed into the Stone family’s torment.

Ben showed her grace out of the left field, but it’s the kind of person he is.

If she helped Eden not view him as a bad man, it would go a long way to repairing that relationship.

Finding a Killer - Manifest Season 4 Episode 6

Anna’s death will undoubtedly change things considerably because we have a death date approaching and a serial killer with a fetish for 828ers on the loose.

It’s hard to tell whether we’ve met the killer, but my theory is that it’s Angelina’s mother.

We know she’s a horrible woman who birthed an equally atrocious daughter. Bringing the mother back into the mix has to lead to something huge.

Angelina picking up the phone to call Ben was inappropriate on so many levels, but she’s proving to be that girl who killed Ben’s wife, stole his daughter, and then tried to blow everyone up.

She’s delusional, and quite frankly, there’s no redeeming her. The show needs to be done with her to move on.

Hands Up - Manifest Season 4 Episode 6

I wanted Eagan to bring the cops to the mother’s house sooner, but it was typical of him to take some valuable belongings before hitting up the police station.

Adrian being mad about the destruction of his safe haven was something.

I mean, he’s one of the reasons why most of the torment that’s plagued the Stones happened, but there appeared to be a significant shift in his personality at the top of Manifest Season 4.

People do change their ways, but Adrian seems more about making people think he’s changed before sticking a knife in their backs.

Ben in Trouble Again - Manifest Season 4 Episode 6

Hey, if it works for him, it works, but I don’t expect it to work for much longer.

His days are numbered.

Cal calling Angelina with the aim of her telling Eden his father is not a villain was another bad decision because what if she told Eden everyone in the Stone house were terrible people?

I get that Cal was desperate, but he might have destroyed his progress with his father.

Ben’s reaction was natural, but I wish he understood that his son only wanted to help.

Cal rushing off in the dead of night was harrowing because he’s been searching for meaning for so long. Every time he’s happy, something else happens.

Is Cal Dead? - Manifest Season 4 Episode 6

I didn’t have a drunken Zeke stumbling upon him passed out in the dead of night on my bingo card, but it was a great cliffhanger.

Zeke’s guilt over Erika’s death is warranted. Despite her flaws, Zeke would never willingly kill someone. He was pushed to the brink and had to think about whether he wanted his wife alive or not.

The drama is off the chains this season, and I’m starting to worry about where everyone will end up in the end.

What did you think of Angelina returning to her mother?

The Villain - Manifest Season 4 Episode 5

Do you think her mother could be the killer?

What’s your take on Cal calling Angelina?

Do you think Jared is a bad person?

Hit the comments.

Manifest streams exclusively on Netflix.

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