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Manifest Season 4 Episode 5 Review: Squawk

Did Angelina have to survive the blast that she set off?

Manifest Season 4 Episode 5 reunited Ben with his daughter, but not before Angelina caused even more destruction.

At this stage, Angelina might as well be described as the Angel of Death.

Tension in the Stone Household - Manifest

Every time she’s around, someone dies. In this instance, she could kill an entire group of survivors of Flight 828.

If you watch Manifest online, you know it was easy to sympathize with Angelina initially because of her backstory.

The Villain - Manifest Season 4 Episode 5

Her parents were awful to her, so it was inevitable that she would misinterpret some of the callings.

The show’s attempt at making her more human with the flashback of her and Eden on the bridge fell flat for me.

Her actions since Manifest Season 3 Episode 13 have hinted that she’s beyond the point of reforming and seeing the light, so to speak.

There’s no hope for her if she thinks that blowing 828ers up because they’ve seen volcanic ash is the best foot forward.

Ben in Jeopardy - Manifest Season 4 Episode 5

Her meeting with Ben and calling him a bad man in front of Eden hurt my soul because he’s been so devoted to finding his daughter alive.

Can you imagine how he must have felt hearing his daughter told that he’s a villain?

That’s not okay, and I’d have been happy if Angelina perished in the blast because, damn, she’s as cold as ice.

I did get a little bit of satisfaction from Angelina going to her parent’s home with Eden and being thrown out.

Saving His Life - Manifest Season 4 Episode 5

That being said, if her mother wanted to hit her where it hurt, why didn’t she call the cops and throw Angelina out without the kid?

Cal showing up in the nick of time because of his new calling/memory was unexpected, but at least he managed to survive the blast.

If the callings turn out to be memories, it seems these people have been brought back with a higher purpose, possibly to right some wrongs.

We’re digging away at the mystery much faster this season, and I like it.

Is That a Bomb? - Manifest Season 4 Episode 5

Cal staying behind as the house blew up to keep Angelina inside was a brave move that completely changed Ben’s perception of him.

If Cal had died at that moment, saving his dad and sister, there would have been a lot of sorrow for the family.

However, Cal surviving and then coughing up blood in the closing moments was something I didn’t expect. Has his cancer returned, or was his throat cut due to smoke inhalation?

We need to protect Cal at all costs. He made a selfless decision to save his father, brother, and a bunch of 828ers, so if he dies, it sounds like his purpose in returning is over.

Ending Her Life - Manifest Season 4 Episode 5

Fiona was adamant there was more for him to do, and maybe that was it.

I hope he survives because I don’t think the Stones could bounce back from another loss.

Ben will undoubtedly feel a certain type of way for effectively ignoring his son’s existence because he was too busy finding Eden.

Cal will probably also have an enemy in Angelina, which is downright scary.

Saving Her Family - Manifest Season 4 Episode 5

Angelina is cutthroat, and with Adrian now on her side, she’ll probably have a trick up her sleeve to end the Stone family forever.

Zeke saving his wife from Erika was expected, but he used a lot of bullets, likely a sign that he was consuming Erika’s rage in the process.

He didn’t leave anything up for debate. Had he not been looking at the house, he wouldn’t have seen her emerge with the gun.

Erika had plenty of opportunities to be a better person, but she’s to blame for a blast even being possible.

Welcome, Cal - Manifest Season 4 Episode 5

She knew something big would happen at Adrian’s compound and prepared herself for the inevitable.

While her death was necessary after her actions, Zeke using Jared’s gun will not end well for our favorite NYPD agent.

In the past, Vance has managed to get these people out of gnarly situations, but it’s hard to imagine Jared getting off without losing his badge on this one.

Both Jared and Drea have a lot to lose if they’re caught even working together, and I dare say one or both of them will be unemployed within the next couple of episodes.

Back Home - Manifest Season 4 Episode 5

Then there’s the Michaela of it all. Yes, she survived what could have been a deadly encounter, but she’s now worried about Zeke’s ability.

He’s used it for good for so long, but what if he uses it for something she disagrees with?

They’ve made it through several hurdles, but they’re not out of the woods yet.

“Squawk” was the most action-packed episode of the series, sending every storyline in different directions as we head into the second half of this first batch of episodes.

It’s hard to tell what will happen next, but I’m invested in everything.

Cal in Danger - Manifest Season 4 Episode 5

What did you think of Angelina blowing up the house? Do you think she went too far?

What are your thoughts on Zeke using the gun? Do you think Michaela is worried about his abilities, or Jared’s career?

What’s your take on Cal coughing up blood?

Hit the comments.

Manifest Season 4 is available to stream on Netflix.

Paul Dailly is the Associate Editor for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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