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Manifest Season 4 Episode 4 Review: Go-Around

Ben Stone has many talents, but he might have made a grave mistake by going to Adrian’s home alone.

Manifest Season 4 Episode 4 was another answer-filled affair that set the stage for some big revelations.

Ben’s journey throughout Manifest Season 4 so far has been to find his daughter by any means necessary, even if that means souring relationships with his nearest and dearest.

Aged Up Cal - Manifest

Knowing that Vance’s marriage imploded after Eagan’s reign of terror, Ben elected to embark on this mission alone.

It was a selfless act and one that will likely come back to haunt him.

You're in Danger - Manifest Season 4 Episode 4

We didn’t spend any time inside Adrian’s house on “Go-Around,” which leads me to believe there will be some significant shifts when we venture back inside.

Erika heard Angelina yell at Eden on Manifest Season 4 Episode 3, so she knew Adrian was keeping someone away from everyone else.

Thankfully, Drea and Jared are hot on Erika’s trail, which should make them cross paths with Ben before long.

I really wanted to see the identity of the person who knocked Ben out. Could you imagine the reaction if Angelina did the deed?

Vance Lets Rip About Eagan - Manifest Season 4 Episode 4

Angelina has crossed the point of no return by convincing herself that her connection with Eden transcends blood.

The truth is, Eden is communicating with her father, which might be the reason for Angelina’s demise.

On top of that, we know the callings have sent Angelina on this mission, so it makes you wonder what the overlord (I’m assuming someone is controlling these callings) really wants.

Vance won’t allow Ben to harm himself in his pursuit of his daughter, so I expect Vance to show up with Drea and Jared in tow.

Finding Erika - Manifest Season 4 Episode 4

We don’t even know how many 828ers are in Adrian’s compound, but I still believe Adrian’s recent callings will push him to the path of good.

Maybe he’ll be instrumental in bringing Angelina down and reuniting Ben with his daughter.

Eagan not being willing to help Ben without getting something for himself wasn’t a surprise, but maybe he’ll understand his actions of consequence when he realizes the emotional toll kidnapping the kid had on Vance.

Vance is one of the best characters in the series, but he’s always focused on finding solutions to other people’s problems.

Michaela Wants Answers - Manifest Season 4 Episode 4

No one checks in with him, and I don’t think he’ll forget that Ben was sorry for everything that happened to his family.

It was about time we learned why Olive was accepting of Cal after how much she despised him in the flashbacks.

Zeke has been a confidante of the Stone family for a long time, but all of the pain he’s taking from people must go somewhere, which makes me concerned about his future.

He’s already died once and returned with this higher purpose, but it’s hard not to wonder how much pain he’ll be able to take.

Hiding Passengers - Manifest Season 4 Episode 4

He was in genuine despair after taking Henry’s pain on Manifest Season 4 Episode 1, so there’s a good chance it will return down the line.

Olive’s pain must have been huge, but I’m thankful for both her and Cal that Zeke was able to help repair their relationship.

The brother and sister working together to crack the divine consciousness puzzle was exciting because it highlighted that everything that happens on this show is a piece of the puzzle.

Michaela’s calling was random and a bit tedious, but it highlighted the peacocks and allowed her niece and nephew to get the final piece of the puzzle to help them find out more about where everyone was when the ball of energy consumed them for five years.

Zeke Helps Olive - Manifest Season 4 Episode 4

Divine consciousness is vast, but I won’t believe that’s what happened until we get some flashbacks or more context.

Manifest likes to play with the audience, so there’s a good chance there are plenty more answers to this mystery.

Moving forward, it will be all hands on deck to save Ben’s life and take down Angelina, but there will be a lot of back and forth.

Everyone can’t arrive at Adrian’s compound at the one time. That would spell disaster.

Zeke With Michaela - Manifest Season 4 Episode 4

Drea and Jared are struggling to cover all of the traces of them helping the Stones, so they also need to be smart about their next move.

Going after Erika is plausible because they have a reason to believe she’s connected to something terrible, but if the Registry or the NYPD get wind of Ben being there, it could ruin both of their careers.

Jared and Drea have sacrificed a lot to save Michaela and her family, and I doubt it will be long before one of them loses their badge.

“Go-Around” was another excellent episode of this NBC-turned-Netflix drama.

Ben Listens - Manifest Season 4 Episode 3

I keep pinching myself while watching because it’s hard to believe the series got a last-minute reprieve at Netflix.

Many shows with complicated mythology never get to end their run on their own terms, but viewers are getting ALL the answers so far on this final season.

What are your thoughts on Ben’s decision?

Do you think he messed up?

Cal Prepares to Move On - Manifest Season 4 Episode 3

What are your thoughts on Vance’s family falling apart after Eagan’s attack?

Do you think Drea and Jared are in danger of losing their jobs?

What’s your take on Divine Consciousness?

Hit the comments below.

Manifest Season 4 is streaming now on Netflix.

Paul Dailly is the Associate Editor for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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