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Manifest Season 4 Episode 2 Review: All Call

“It’s all connected.”

The phrase we’ve heard so often throughout Manifest came back in a big way on Manifest Season 4 Episode 2, and it’s getting increasingly difficult to decipher what it means.

As we’re in the final season, we will get answers, and they can’t come soon enough.

Michaela's Plan - Manifest

Manifest excels when it blends the mystery with the soapy aspects, and both were on full display during “All Call.”

Ben is well and truly done being the leader of the Lifeboat, and who can blame him?

Olive Mourns Her Mother - Manifest Season 4 Episode 2

His wife was murdered, his son aged up five years, and his daughter is missing. It’s hard to imagine the emotional weight on Ben’s shoulders as he tries to navigate this very trying part of life.

Eden being declared dead only solidified his hope of finding her alive, and while going on a mysterious podcast that threw it back to Manifest Season 1 probably wasn’t the best idea, but at least it gave him some form of clarity.

Michaela: You had to pick this park, huh?
Jared: It’s out of the way. I don’t need to remind you how risky it is for a badge to be seen with a passenger. That’s why I had Drea send you.
Michaela: This about me at the docks?
Jared: Sort of. China knows Henry’s on US soil. NYPD’s tasked with bringing him in. There’s a team standing by.
Michaela: What are they waiting for?
Jared: A location. We’re cooperating with the Chinese. They’re getting his coordinates. I just don’t know how. Either they’re tracking his phone or a watch. Or they’re tracking him. If you’re stashing this guy somewhere, you need to get him out fast.

His tenacity in finding Eden has really damaged his relationships with the rest of his family, but it’s hard to believe he’s still trying to uncover the whereabouts of his daughter.

If you watch Manifest online, you know Cal went missing countless times when they returned home from the flight, so it feels a bit like history is repeating itself here.

Upset Ben - Manifest Season 4 Episode 2

The tricky aspect is whether Cal will forgive his father if they ever get Eden back and crack the mysteries of the death date before it’s too late.

Cal is seriously hurting, and many people don’t see it. There was such a great scene between him and Saanvi because he felt lost and responsible for his mother’s death.

Watching the family at Grace’s funeral and Cal hiding in the shadows to mourn his mother was a complicated watch because it feels like every time he needs support nowadays, none of his family is there for him.

We know Olive blamed Cal for Grace’s death initially, and that flashback was right after the event happened, so I dare say that was Cal at his lowest.

Mourning His Mother in Secret - Manifest Season 4 Episode 2

Thankfully, the young man searching for meaning finally has some meaning.

Losing the callings made him feel inadequate, but Henry telling him he’s the dragon now, complete with the cool tattoo, makes him even more tethered to the mystery than ever.

Vance: I still don’t hear anything. No voices. Not even a hum.
Saanvi: I keep trying to enhance the frequency. Let me try this.

I don’t think Ben is ready to accept Cal, even though he knows now that Eden is alive. The look he shot his son during what was supposed to be a happy moment wasn’t a look of warmth.

Hopefully, when this is over, Cal understands that the ends justified the means because Ben risks losing his relationship with his son forever.

What's the Meaning? - Manifest Season 4 Episode 2

Michaela’s interview with The Registry was chilling. We don’t know much about them, but they seem cutthroat as hell.

Mick knows how to get herself out of sticky situations, so it was nice that she used Eden being registered deceased to get out of the interview undetected.

Drea and Jared teaming up to give Michaela the intel she needed to help Henry was nice. Even though these people are far apart, they still come together to help each other in their time of need.

The context about the distance between Michaela and Jared was needed to drive home the fact that they’ve gone their separate ways.

Saanvi's Breakthrough - Manifest Season 4 Episode 2

Learning there was a point in time when Michaela and Zeke’s relationship was on thin ice was heartbreaking. They’ve beaten the odds at every turn, highlighting why they’re such a great pairing.

Michaela stopped communicating with Jared to help her relationship with Zeke, and that’s quite the loss.

Even when they’re not together, they still serve as a support system for one another, so I hope they can become friends again.

I’m surprised, but I’m shipping Jared and Drea. Jared’s comments pre-makeout about no feelings made it seem like there were a lot of feelings, but you never know with this show.

Making a Plan - Manifest Season 4 Episode 2

I hope they make it.

Angelina going on the run was needed. The net was closing in, and honestly, it’s hard to think about her mindset because she’s so batshit crazy.

It was apparent the woman who housed her and Eden was an anti-828er because the whole world seems to be turning on our people at this stage.

Adrian getting a calling to save her makes me think that Angelina’s actions thus far have been completely driven by the callings and that there might be more going on in her head than we know.

Mick is Grilled - Manifest Season 4 Episode 2

Maybe she’ll realize the callings are not serving her well and will return Eden to Ben, but then again, the kid is calling her mother, so they’ve probably formed an attachment.

Saanvi changing the frequencies in the black box to find all of our heroes saying, “it’s all connected,” was bonkers, but at least we’re finally digging away at this mystery.

Manifest Season 4 is off to a great start, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

What did you think of Ben going on the podcast? Were you surprised we got to see Grace’s funeral?

Take THESE - Manifest Season 4 Episode 2

What’s your take on Cal being the dragon now?

Do you feel bad for Angelina?

Hit the comments.

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