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Manifest Midseason Finale Review: The End’s Not Near, It’s Here

Saying goodbye to Zeke Landon was harder than expected.

Ever since he beat his death date, it’s been hard to shake the notion that he’s living on borrowed time, and the events of Manifest Season 4 Episode 9 and Manifest Season 4 Episode 10 cemented him as a hero.

If you watch Manifest online, you know everything happens for a reason. Cal succumbing to cancer wouldn’t make sense because of how much he’s been through as a passenger on Flight 828.

Michaela on the Plane - Manifest

Everything that’s transpired has prepared us for this moment. Zeke made many bad choices in life, but he got the opportunity to turn it around and has now saved Cal more than once.

If there is a God at the other end of these callings, it wanted Zeke to fulfill a prophecy, and that prophecy may well be Cal as the dragon that can take down whatever form Angelina takes next.

Zeke Listens - Manifest Season 4 Episode 10

Zeke’s death will profoundly impact the Stones, and it’s hard to think about how Michaela will react to a life without her husband.

They’ve both beaten the odds countless times, but it’s hard not to think they were apart for much of Manifest Season 4.

Michaela: Hey, what’s going on? Is it Cal?
Zeke: No. No, it’s me.
Michaela: Uh, can it wait till I get home?
Zeke: I won’t be here when you get home.
Michaela: Hey, Zeke, you’re scaring me.
Zeke: No, don’t be scared. I’m not… because of you. We were always meant to be together, Mick.
Michaela: Zeke, what’s going on? Why are you telling me this right now?
Zeke: I was given a second chance at life, Mick. I didn’t know why, but it was you, Mick. It was you. And then in the cave, that magazine photo of your beautiful face kept me going. And then when I came back, I wanted to find you. I had to. The first time we touched, it was like I could feel you in every cell of my body like you were a part of me. You’re why I came back. You’re my breath and my blood and my soul. You let me know what it means to be truly alive. The universe brought us together for a reason, Mick. It was my second chance to make up for all the pain and hurt I caused. And now I finally get to do that.
Michaela: Zeke, whatever it is you’re gonna do, you don’t have to do it. Stop. Okay, just wait till I get home. Just wait… just wait for me, please.
Zeke: I wish I could.
Michaela: Zeke, stop. Zeke. Zeke! Zeke!

The end of the world will pull you in different directions, but Michaela will probably struggle knowing she wasn’t with him in the end.

With the death date approaching — possibly accelerated — there will be an increased drive to take down Angelina and save the world.

Zeke Dying - Manifest Season 4 Episode 10

It’s been clear since Manifest Season 1 Episode 1 that Cal has a bigger purpose than many have given him credit for. He’s defied the odds, but you can’t deny he’s been tested.

Every single time he’s had a shred of happiness, it’s been ripped from him as though he isn’t worthy. Maybe the higher calling has been governing his life, and when he’s fallen off the path of becoming the dragon, they’ve caused problems for him.

It’s a stretch, but there must be some reason for this young man’s pain.

Hold that thought. New ball game. Listen up, folks. Effective immediately, we are to detain every passenger on US soil until further notice.


The revelation that the death date is for the entire world took me by surprise because, for so long, the series has been devoted to saving the passengers of 828.

With the entire world on the line, it certainly changes the stakes.

Ben Prepares - Manifest Season 4 Episode 10

Angelina stealing the sapphire and posing as Grace was not unexpected. I called it the moment I saw faux Grace wearing the sapphire necklace. Angelina knows how to ruin the mood, but you’d think she would have been more believable in her efforts.

It’s hard to tell what Angelina is, but it seems the show is setting her up as the final villain and, possibly, the destroyer of the world.

She wasn’t on the plane, sure, but she’s been lingering on the show like a bad smell since Manifest Season 3, and she needs to go.

Grace: Ben.
Ben: Grace? I’ve missed you, my love. I… I’m broken without you.
Grace: No, Ben. You’re strong.
Ben: Please help me. What do I do for our boy?
Grace: I’ll tell you. But you need to bring Eden to me.

At this stage, she’s survived so many brushes with death because she’s going to be the ultimate test to the future of humanity — and the viewers’ patience.

It’s hard to connect with a character that does despicable things and hides behind the “It’s all for a reason” schtick, but I guess she’ll continue that into the series’ last-ever episodes.

Grace? - Manifest Season 4 Episode 10

Gupta double-crossing Saanvi and Vance came out of the left field, but we should always expect the unexpected with this show.

Saanvi and Vance have done a lot of good during their time working with each other, but they’ve now had to destroy all of their work to keep it from the government’s prying eyes.

It certainly makes you wonder where things will pick up for them because there’s a good chance they’ll be held captive if the government wants to be able to weaponize the Divine Consciousness.

Using Marko as the key to letting everyone know why the volcanic ash was falling around everyone was interesting because it continued the trend of connecting everything.

You're Not My Mommy - Manifest Season 4 Episode 10

Many high-concept shows make up the mythology as they go, but you can tell that the mythology here has been carefully constructed since the beginning.

It makes it easier to sit back and enjoy the ride.

The Registry changing the protocol on 828ers was another act of aggression against the passengers.

No one outside of a small group of people knows what’s happening with the callings, but the government is clearly concerned about an uprising amongst them, or it wouldn’t have to detain them.

I fear Jared and Drea will be unable to help passengers for much longer because it must be as clear as day that they’re both invested in saving 828ers instead of laying down the very slanted law to them.

Angelina on the Plane - Manifest Season 4 Episode 10

The final scene with Angelina emerging from the church, her body having consumed a part of the sapphire, was a striking visual because we already know that the death date has some volcanic ash for good measure.

Has she accelerated the death date, or is she getting things started early? She wasn’t immune to the fire because she was severely burnt, but maybe Cal’s dragon tattoo will keep him safe.

Athena Karkanis returning for the finale was nice because while Manifest Season 4 has been fantastic, Grace’s death was the catalyst for this big shift that gave the series a jolt in the right direction.

I hope she returns as Grace before the series is over because anything is possible if this series has taught us anything.

The End is Near - Manifest Season 4 Episode 10

It’s going to be a long wait for the final episodes, but I’m so thankful the series got the opportunity to tell these stories and bring the show to a close.

The fans made this possible, and the creatives are doing their best to deliver a stellar conclusion.

What are your thoughts on Zeke’s death? Do you think it was needed to advance the plot?

How do you think Michaela will feel in the aftermath?

Do you think Angelina is the world killer she’s being portrayed to be?

Betrayed - Manifest Season 4 Episode 10

What’s your take on Cal’s survival?

Hit the comments.

Manifest returns in 2023.

Paul Dailly is the Associate Editor for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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