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Ghosts Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Dumb Deaths

Hollywood has made its way to Woodstone Manor on Ghosts Season 2 Episode 7. Well, more like a cheesy reality TV show.

It’s a double-dose exploration of Pete and Flower as we learn more about their deaths.

Both fit the TV show’s production category, but only one will make it to air. And when the scenes are set, the truth might be harder for some to face than others.

Behind The Camera - Ghosts Season 2 Episode 7

“Dumb Deaths” was a good character development chapter for both Pete and Flower. And for the B-storyline of Isaac’s dating issues with Nigel.

We knew the details of Pete’s death from Ghosts Season 1 Episode 6. The scene of the trooper accidentally shooting Pete in the neck with an arrow is a memorable scene, especially since it catches us off-guard.

The death seemed simple enough: it was an accident. There didn’t seem to be any other layers beyond that; the truth felt open and shut.

Jay: This is so unfair! They can’t do this to my guy Pete.
Sam: What are we supposed to do, Jay? They’re right. We weren’t there.
Thorfinn: But we were!!!
Sam: Right, that’s also not helpful.

Though, “Dumb Deaths” exploring the possibility of there being more to the story was an exciting turn. This move opens up the opportunity for more truths about some of the deaths we’ve already seen, like Trevor’s or Sasappis’s.

Of course, Alberta’s death is still an ongoing mystery that keeps us on our toes!

Pete's Death - Ghosts Season 2 Episode 7

Pete had a right to be as upset as he did.

If a TV show was going to make up that he was drunk when he died, it would forever change the narrative surrounding his death. No one would think it was a genuine accident; they’d blame it on his drinking problem.

And Pete is too much of a nice guy to have that hanging over his head.

As Ghosts Season 2 Episode 7 proved, he was responsible and taught his kids well. Sure, he got distracted over donut holes, but his legacy can’t be overshadowed over one moment.

Interviews - Ghosts Season 2 Episode 7

Speaking of the donut holes, were you surprised that’s what led to his fateful mistake?

It took me by surprise because Pete is a focused and determined guy. For him to get distracted over a breakfast treat, clearly it had to have been a bigger issue for him and his thoughts before his death.

For this twist to work, it’s great that we got the episode of his wife and her cheating revelation earlier in the series. This context gave a bit more foundation for the tensions hiding beneath their daily marriage.

Pete: Look, I may not have had the perfect marriage. And at work, I was a good travel agent, but I was no Brent Flanagan.
[Awkward silence]
Pete: Famous travel agent.
Sam: There are no famous travel agents.

Sure, Pete didn’t know about the affair, but their arguments (while something small like a donut hole) had more weight to them. Their light tension had its effect, and if Carol hadn’t eaten the treat, Pete would still be alive.

It really makes you think about the next time you sneak a snack out of the cupboard.

And it didn’t help that the production team went out of their way to make it a very dramatic episode.

A drunk “Pete”? Someone who peed himself before teaching the lesson?

Just say the words. Picture’s up at 10, and we’re running out of daylight!


I understand the method actor trying to get into character and making his role more complex. But what was Paula thinking?! She should know better as the producer.

If that episode had gone to air painting Pete as a depressed drunk, Pete’s family could’ve sued the network for slander. The truth could’ve easily been disproven, like how Jennifer (a witness to the death) revealed the truth. The production team wouldn’t have been able to take back the damage after it aired.

A Happy Flower - Ghosts Season 2 Episode 7

Flower’s growth was subtle, but it was an interesting change of pace.

We don’t typically get moments where she’s self-conscious about her life/death and how she’s portrayed. Flower is usually a “go-with-the-flow” type of person.

And similar to Pete, her death seemed easy to sum up: she tried to hug a bear and died. The flashback to her death matched the comedy perfectly of how Flower could even think she’d hug a bear!

Flower: Hey Mister Bear, how are you today?
Alberta: Oh, she is not long for this world…
Thorfinn: Thor happy for bear. He growl tonight.
Flower: What’s that? Oh, you want a hug?!

Though, her changing her mind to let the TV crew focus on her death instead of Pete’s was a sweet turning point. She found the confidence within herself to look like a fool on TV, and she did something selfless for her friend.

It’s a tender connection between Pete and Flower that we don’t get often. They’re friends, but this was a more overt move from her to him.

Creating A TV Show - Ghosts Season 2 Episode 7

Regarding Isaac and Nigel’s romance, they needed to communicate with each other. It’s been centuries since their deaths; they need to get over the past drama!

It’s funny to think that something as simple as America separating from England would still be an issue between them.

To work as a couple, they need to understand the areas where they’re different and the parts where they’ll agree. And the opportunities where they can chat with each other to find common ground. This disagreement was one such time.

They literally fought on opposite sides, and they still claim those allegiances. Some things might not change, but they very well can if they love each other as much as we know they do!

The Documentary - Ghosts Season 2 Episode 7

Last Thoughts From Woodstone Manor:

  • Hetty would’ve been a fantastic producer if she were still alive. She was ready to embrace her inner Paula and take charge of that TV show set.


  • The second that PA crew member picked up the bow and arrow, you knew something terrible was going to happen. Jay getting shot in the leg was not in my life of guesses.


  • Sam totally started an IMDB page for herself after the episode aired. She’ll undoubtedly add “actress” to her list of professions.


  • Good on the ghosts for trying to stop the camera! It only worked once, but they did what they came to do.
Life Imitates Art - Ghosts Season 2 Episode 7

Now, over to you, Ghost fans.

What did you think of “Dumb Deaths”?

Which death will be explored next? Would you rather have the production crew focus on Pete’s death or Flower’s death? Would you be just as upset if your partner ate your donut holes?

If you missed the latest episode of Ghosts, you can watch Ghosts online via TV Fanatic. Come back here and share your thoughts in the comments below.

Justin Carreiro is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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