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FBI Season 5 Episode 7 Review: Ready or Not

Not surprisingly, Maggie’s return wasn’t as smooth as it could have been.

Even though she couldn’t admit it to herself, Maggie was still haunted by her exposure to sarin on FBI Season 5 Episode 7.

OA meant well, but he didn’t make things any easier by second-guessing Maggie for her own good.

Maggie is Back -- Squatter - FBI Season 5 Episode 8

Maggie showed up out of the blue and confided to OA that while she had the option of staying out long, she was too antsy sitting around home, so she returned earlier.

That should have been a red flag. Maggie could have had to have both medical and mental-health clearances. But there was no indication that that was the case.

Back to Work - FBI Season 5 Episode 7

It didn’t help that Maggie’s first case back carried added pressure, as one of the two victims was a local success story, a law student on her way to the FBI Academy.

And she turned out to be collateral damage, as the other victim was a drug dealer who made the mistake of crossing one of the local gangs, which got both of them killed.

Things started to go south when OA noticed that Maggie was carrying an anti-anxiety drug. She even admitted that a friend had prescribed it for her, so it was off the books as far as the FBI was concerned.

Maggie attempted to convince him that she had gotten it just in case and that she hadn’t taken any yet and would tell him if she did.

Concerned About Maggie - FBI Season 5 Episode 7

That planted the seeds of doubt in his mind and he spent the rest of the case hovering, second-guessing her, and as often as not getting in her way.

That wasn’t to say that Maggie was back to being her old, confident self by any means. She kept flashing back to the sarin incident, even freezing for a moment while they were searching for Mateo at his apartment.

That made for a bad situation. Maggie wouldn’t admit she had any problem while OA saw difficulties that didn’t exist. That’s not a good head space to be in while hunting a brutal gang leader.

To the rest of the team, Maggie appeared precisely how she always had. They didn’t work as closely with her as OA did, nor did they know her as well.

Down They Go - FBI Season 5 Episode 7

It was good that they had Mateo as their reluctant inside man. He also had his secret, and being gay wouldn’t play well with his gang.

Maggie connected well with Mateo and got him to believe in the possibility of a better life with Sam away from the gang. All he had to do was somehow get Jose, the gang’s leader, to confess to the double murder. Simple, right?

Since Mateo was quite a ways down the food chain from Jose, this had to be done the hard way. Maggie went undercover as a club owner looking to score drugs to sell from Mateo’s contact, Jose’s lieutenant Frankie.

It was simple to understand why Frankie appeared so skittish about Maggie. First, Frankie had to be using his own product to be that jumpy. Second, Mateo and Maggie worked too hard to sell her credentials.

Back Too Soon? - FBI Season 5 Episode 7

Then there was Maggie refusing to sample the drugs, “I’m not a user. I’m a dealer.” That screamed, “I’m so much better than you” to Frankie.

So it wasn’t surprising when he pulled a gun on her. And OA’s pulling the fire alarm only aggravated the situation. What was shocking was how Mateo jumped in there and wrestled for the weapon, probably saving Maggie.

Despite the tension between them, it was good to see that Maggie and OA still covered for each other during the debrief with Isobel. She seemed more concerned with salvaging the investigation than closely examining what went wrong.

That opportunity to further the case was delivered on a silver platter when Jose demanded to meet with Mateo.

That move made sense. What didn’t make sense was having Mateo deliver this stranger to the gang’s hideout. Why even have a secret hideout if you’re going to let everyone in?

Multiple Murders - FBI Season 5 Episode 7

Jose’s only goal was to find out how Frankie got shot. Maggie covered for Mateo, claiming she had wrestled the gun away from Frankie, who was acting strangely, and shot him.

So Jose handed the gun to Mateo so Mateo could prove himself by killing Maggie. That worked well. At least Maggie knew enough to signal the cavalry. And still, OA continued to get in her way under the guise of protecting Maggie from herself.

It was a lucky development that Jose still carried around the murder weapon instead of doing the smart thing and getting rid of it. Because every plan they’d tried up until then to trap him had failed badly.

Two Homicides - FBI Season 5 Episode 7

Maggie delivered on her promise to Mateo, getting him and Sam a fresh start in Witness Protection.

But Maggie and OA have some issues to work through.

Even though she could stand to see a counselor, Maggie did come through on her first case back. OA must talk to her first instead of jumping to the worst-case scenario.

Double Mystery - FBI Season 5 Episode 7

To revisit the case that knocked out Maggie for seven months, watch FBI online.

Were you glad to see Maggie return?

Is she going to require scrutiny?

How does OA get back in her good graces?

Comment below.

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