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Elizabeth Mitchell, Kal Penn, Jack Burditt & More Tease The Santa Clauses Coming to Disney+

Is there anything that screams Christmas more than Santa Claus?

Yes! The Santa Clauses coming to Disney+ for ten episodes of joy and Christmas magic gives the man himself a pretty good run for the money.

We didn’t get to talk with Santa himself (hey, it’s not Christmas morning), but we did get to chat with the man responsible for bringing The Santa Clauses to TV, some new friends in Santa’s world, and a couple of Claus family members to promote the upcoming series.

The Santa Clauses Prepping for the Big Day

We’ve got Creator and Executive Producer Jack Burditt as well as cast members Elizabeth Mitchell, Austin Kane, Kal Penn, and Rupali Redd offering their thoughts on all things The Santa Clauses.

This is just what your heart needs to press the green light on Christmas!

The Santa Clauses Poster

Creator and Executive producer Jack Burditt talks about why the time is now to bring this beloved and almost 30-year franchise to TV as a series.

When the first teaser was dropped, there was an uproar about certain beloved characters who appeared to be missing, and Burditt shares his thoughts on the commotion and the inclusion of the characters.

Fan reaction has been through the roof, and Burditt touches on what that means to the production.

And last but certainly not least, he discusses if this limited series will be the last we see of The Santa Clauses or if our journey is just beginning!

Kal Penn and Rupali Redd star as father and daughter, Simon and Grace.

Kal chats a little bit about Simon and his relation to Christmas and Santa.

Rupali shares her thoughts on why Santa and his magic are so vital to the series and children all over the world.

And Kal assures viewers that the buzz associated with the series is just the beginning of the excitement awaiting them.

Elizabeth Mitchell and Austin Kane play mother and son, Carol and Cal Calvin, aka Mrs. Santa Claus and Buddy.

Elizabeth talks about how Santa and Mrs. Claus have been faring since they took over their important roles and just what state their Christmas spirit is in these days.

After seeing in the trailer that Cal has never even seen a crossing guard, Austin shares what he thought it might have been like growing up Claus.

Austin then shares what being a part of this means to him, with Elizabeth following suit.

They’re so excited about the ability to bring joy to fans around the world, and they each offer a beautiful synopsis of the series in one sentence that is sure to bring a smile to your face.

The series premieres on Disney+ on November 16, and we’ll have an early, non-spoilery review for you so that you can get ready to jingle with Kris Kringle!

So tell us, who’s excited??

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