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East New York Season 1 Episode 8 Spoilers: Regina Clashes with the DEA!

When Regina goes head-to-head with the DEA, all bets are off.

She’s not afraid to stand up to law enforcement agents, not even federal ones, but could the DEA have the power to force their hand?

East New York Season 1 Episode 8 spoilers promise an intense hour of television featuring four dead overdose victims, a drug-dealing gang, and Regina’s determination to get justice.

Season 1 Episode 8 Spoilers - East New York

According to the spoiler video, this gang has been operating for years. Suarez says he was dealing with them when he was a beat cop!

A gang that’s evaded the law for that long probably thinks it’s invincible. But after four overdoses in her area, Regina’s determined to show them otherwise. And if anyone can break up this gang and put the leaders behind bars, it’s her.

It’s not going to be easy, though, and not only because the gang doesn’t intend to close down its drug dealing operation any time soon.

The overdoses have put the case on the DEA’s radar. Cop shows often feature territorial fights between departments, with more than one captain claiming the case belongs to them, and this will be no different.

The DEA is not the kind of organization Regina wants bad blood with, though. The more politically oriented Suarez will try to convince her to stand down so that they don’t cause trouble for her.

That’s a hard sell. The overdose victims died in her neighborhood. Regina wants to show that local cops give a damn about East New Yorkers, and ceding ground to the DEA won’t help.

In addition, DEA officials might not be interested in treating neighborhood residents respectfully.

Regina knows that racism is a problem in East New York; the last thing the area needs is some prejudiced federal agent assuming that everyone is involved with gangs and drugs because of the color of their skin and where they live.

She’ll work with the DEA if she needs to, but she won’t put up with them mistreating residents. Things could get heated quickly if anything inappropriate happens!

Regina has to tread carefully because her job is political, and if she angers the wrong people, she might not be able to continue. But which side will Suarez and Deputy Mayor Sharp take?

Tension at Home - East New York Season 1 Episode 8

Suarez will undoubtedly try to get Regina to back off and let him handle the DEA, which might not go well if the DEA officials aren’t allowing Regina enough access to case information.

Sharp only cares about what will help his approval rating, so his decisions depend on whether having the DEA there is good or bad for his image. He’s often in Regina’s way, so it would be interesting if they were on the same side for once.

The conflict with the DEA will cause intense workplace drama. But could love be in the air for some of the cops?

According to spoilers, Sandeford will prepare for a date with Tamika, his ex who works at the food pantry.

Bentley and Quinlan Have Lunch - East New York Season 1 Episode 8

We don’t know yet what went wrong between them, but Sandeford might be overthinking things now. He wants to make a good second impression on Tamika.

Is she worth it? Only time will tell. But either way, this story should give viewers more insight into Sandeford’s character.

Bentley will probably try to convince his mentor to relax, which won’t go well. Sandeford won’t like being told what to do, especially by the rookie he’s supposed to be training.

He might also suggest Bentley tends to his own love life, especially if it’s common knowledge that there’s something between Bentley and Quinlan.

Killian Won't Let It Go - East New York Season 1 Episode 8

These two have been inching closer toward a relationship, and now that they’ve kissed, it’s anyone’s guess what could happen.

Will they do the typical cop drama thing where they try to avoid starting a relationship because of their work situation? Or will they defy stereotypes and go for it right away?

Let’s hope it’s the latter. These stories where people attracted to each other must work together while pretending they only want to be friends are overplayed and tedious to sit through.

It would be even harder for Quinlan and Bentley because they are neighbors. That makes it doubly awkward if they decide their impromptu kiss was a mistake.

Regina is Determined - East New York Season 1 Episode 8

If Quinlan is hesitant, can she get advice from her enemy-turned-friend, Thora? That could be fun.

Elsewhere, Yenko is supposed to deal with tension at home. What could that be about?

We know little about his home life, but the usual issue on cop shows is that the cop works too many hours or the spouse is worried about his relationship with his work partner.

Let’s hope East New York doesn’t go down either of these tired old routes. Maybe Yenko’s partner could have a serious illness or some other issue that he jokes around about too much.

Suarez Tries to Mediate - East New York Season 1 Episode 8

Whatever it is, it’ll be written realistically and emotionally. East New York’s writers haven’t let us down yet, so they’ll come through for us again.

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East New York airs on CBS on Sundays at 9 PM EST / PST.

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