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Days of Our Lives Winter 2022 Spoilers: The Return We’ve All Been Waiting For!

Bo. is. back!

You read that right. Peter Reckell’s iconic character will again grace our screens sometime soon.

Days of Our Lives winter 2022 spoilers say that the newly-resurrected hero will immediately go looking for Hope. And yes, she’s back too.

Spoilers for the Winter of 2022 - Days of Our Lives

We last caught up with Bo during Beyond Salem 2. Thanks to Megan Hathaway, Bo got a second chance at life, and the guardian angel that had to deal with his constant flouting of Heaven’s rules probably breathed a sigh of relief.

The Bo resurrection storyline was a cliffhanger that had to be resolved. And now it looks like it’s finally happening.

According to the spoiler video, Bo awakens and immediately asks for Hope, but his other half has moved on…with Harris.

Ciara is horrified to walk in on those two kissing, and with good reason. The last time Hope and Harris hooked up, he tried to kill her!

Is Hope herself, or has she been brainwashed? There’s also always the possibility that Princess Gina makes another appearance, especially given the clip of Steve and John walking in on Hope holding a gun.

Bo and Hope’s reunion story seems like somewhat of a rerun of what we’re going through with Stefan and Gabi, but it’s Bo and Hope. It’s likely to be compelling no matter what.

Days of Our Lives teases several other big stories for the winter.

The least compelling is round 2 of the women dying from Orpheus’ poison and going to Heaven. The afterlife part might be interesting — characters temporarily visit on a semi-regular basis — and we’ll likely have some emotional scenes as their families prepare to say goodbye to them.

But we know they’re not going to stay dead long. And this is hardly the story we want ushering in the Christmas season!

Viewers can also look forward to explosions, love triangles, and the answer to what secret Chanel’s been hiding. Please scroll down for the full scoop.

An Explosion Rocks Horton Town Square - Days of Our Lives

An explosion rocks Horton Town Square.

A bomb counts down the minutes, and Eric hears the blast while doing some Christmas shopping in the Square.

This is likely Orpheus’ handiwork; he’s known as a mad bomber and often uses explosions as part of his diabolical plans.

But since it looks like the church blows up, let’s hope the Devil isn’t back in Salem.

Sloan Confronts Paulina And Abe - Days of Our Lives

Sloan confronts Paulina and Abe about what Chanel supposedly did.

According to the spoiler video, Sloan tells Salem’s most powerful couple that Chanel killed her mother! What?

This doesn’t match Chanel’s personality. It was a horrible accident if she had anything to do with it.

A tearful Chanel tells Allie that someone was “lying in a pool of blood,” which supports the idea of a drunken fall down the stairs or other tragic occurrence.

Eric Stands By Jade - Days of Our Lives

Eric decides to stay with a pregnant Jade.

Big surprise (NOT!). Eric told Nicole he had no obligation to Jade, and now he has a big one.

Nicole’s already broken things off with Rafe, so where does this leave her? An obnoxious clip has her implying Jada should get an abortion, which seems out-of-character for a woman who lost two babies and is heartbroken that she can’t carry to term.

Spoilers also have Nicole sleeping with EJ. Please let that be a dream sequence!

The Orchid is Gone! - Days of Our Lives

Someone steals the orchid from Kristen.

The women go to Heaven because Kristen manages to lose the lifesaving orchid. This is another reason that Brady should have told Rex what happened; Rex could have synthesized more of the antidote from the vial Kristen left for him.

Brady blames Kristen for this mess, so their relationship will likely implode. But Chloe will have moved on with Stefan and won’t appreciate Brady flip-flopping or easily accept his explanation that he was blackmailed.

And she shouldn’t. No matter what Kristen said, there was no reason for Brady to break Chloe’s heart.

The Women Visit Heaven - Days of Our Lives

Kate, Kayla, and Marlena “die” and go to Heaven.

Even the spoiler video acknowledges this is a temporary situation.

Have to love diva Kate’s Heavenly robes, though!

And hopefully, the women will meet up with deceased loved ones who encourage them to return to Earth and continue their lives.

Brady Blames Kristen - Days of Our Lives

Brady blames Kristen for the women’s condition.

As discussed above, this should be the end of Kristen’s power over Brady. But will it be?

Kristen might jump into action, searching for Rolf so that he can undo this, all to convince Brady that she’s a changed woman or, at least, that she loves him.

And if Chloe rejects Brady’s attempt to reconcile, he might jump into bed with Kristen because he’s been rejected. Ugh.

Ciara Catches Hope and Harris - Days of Our Lives

Ciara catches Hope kissing Harris.

Where is Ben? Robert Scott Wilson is playing Alex now, but Ciara and her husband are so attached that it’ll be bizarre for her to pop up without him.

Also, 99% of these situations could be avoided if people would lock their damn doors! Everyone is always walking in on sexual escapades they can’t unsee.

But the biggest question is why Hope would kiss the man who tried to kill her. Is she hoping to summon Bo for another rescue?

Bo Returns to Salem - Days of Our Lives

Bo awakens and wants Hope.

I don’t know what Megan expected would happen if she resurrected Bo. There was no way his first thought wouldn’t be to reunite with Hope!

It seems like he’s just in time, too, since Hope’s hooked up with Harris again.

Let’s hope that this time there’s no brainwashing or amnesia to stop him from finding her.

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