Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 11-21-22: A Dramatic Thanksgiving!

Days of Our Lives is usually pre-empted on Thanksgiving, but we can be grateful for an episode this year. Thanks to the move to Peacock, the soap will air a holiday-themed episode on Turkey Day itself!

No Devil will disrupt the proceedings on Days of Our Lives during the week of 11-21-22, though we may not be rid of Charlie’s ghost yet.

The leadup to Thanksgiving promises petty behavior, revenge plots, and a fiery car crash.

Spoilers for the Week of 11-21-22 - Days of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives has been teasing a serious car accident since it migrated to Peacock, even going as far as deceptively editing clips together to make it appear that Jennifer was to blame.

We know now that’s not the case. This week, Ava and EJ’s war will come to a literally explosive end instead.

Instead of ending this idiotic plan to get revenge by kidnapping Susan, Ava will give in to ghost Charlie’s desires and threaten to kill Days of Our Lives’ kookiest character. EJ’ll chase Ava and Susan down, leading to the possibly fatal crash.

The special effects look fantastic. But will Susan survive?

We know Ava does because she’s featured in spoilers for the following week. Let’s hope Susan also pulls off a miraculous survival.

There’s been far too much death and destruction in Salem, and we only have about a month before the late John Aniston’s final appearance as Victor Kiriakis airs.

While fan reaction to Susan’s over-the-top eccentricity is decidedly mixed, killing off EJ’s mother would go too far, especially considering how recently Abigail and Jake met grisly ends.

Should Days of Our Lives Kill Off Susan?

Besides, Susan is somewhat of a legacy character. Eileen Davidson became known for playing multiple roles; Susan is the only one who continues to appear regularly (though Davidson did resume the role of Thomas Banks during Beyond Salem 2!) despite a change of actress.

It doesn’t seem worth the drama to kill off Susan. EJ can be angry and vengeful without that. Besides, it would be more delicious revenge if Susan survived but Ava hid her somewhere.

And lately, no one in Salem stays dead permanently unless the actor passes away, so this shocking death wouldn’t have the impact it’s supposed to.

Please scroll down to check out all eight spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 11-21-22.

Alex and Justin Rescue Bonnie - Days of Our Lives

Alex and Justin rescue Bonnie.

Thankfully, Bonnie’s family finds her in the shed. Since Alex and Justin’s discovery was off-screen on Friday, I feared they’d drag this out.

Susan is probably already in the car or hidden somewhere else; otherwise, this story could end without the explosive car chase.

The guys will probably have a hell of a time getting Bonnie to tell them what happened. At least we won’t have any more of Susan and Bonnie’s telepathic conversation!

The War Goes Too Far - Days of Our Lives

The war between EJ and Ava takes a stunning turn.

As discussed above, Ava’s car goes off a cliff. Ava would be wise to lay low after escaping the wreckage, but that’s not going to happen.

Spoilers say Ava eventually confronts EJ, but does she know what happened to Susan?

You’d think this near tragedy would get both sides of this war to stop, but it doesn’t seem like it will.

Xander Prepares to Confess - Days of Our Lives

Xander prepares to confess to Sarah.

That’s not going to go over well. Sarah isn’t forgiving, and we’ve repeatedly had this story.

Xander coming clean on his own is an improvement over Sarah stumbling onto the truth, but there’s no positive way to spin this one.

Let’s hope Xander takes off the clown mask before he confesses.

Rafe And Nicole Have An Awkward Encounter - Days of Our Lives

Nicole and Rafe have an awkward encounter on Thanksgiving Day.

The spoiler video has Rafe letting Nicole bake a pie, only to throw it in the garbage as soon as she leaves.

Very mature, Rafe. He could at least donate it to a food bank.

While Rafe has the right to be angry, it doesn’t give him the right to abuse Nicole or to waste food to make his point.

Abe and Allie Surprise Chanel - Days of Our Lives

Abe and Allie come up with a surprise for Chanel.

Please let the surprise be a lawyer with the ability and courage to get her out of jail.

Belle is doing very little to defend Chanel, and Trask continually violates Chanel’s rights, plus Sloan is weaponizing the courts to get revenge.

Sneaking a Thanksgiving turkey and apple pie into the interrogation room isn’t nearly enough, so let’s hope Allie and Abe give Chanel something real to be thankful for.

Gabi Wants Pie - Days of Our Lives

Rafe hosts Thanksgiving dinner for Gabi and Li.

After destroying Nicole’s pie, Rafe turns around and plays host to his sister and her scheming fiancé.

I hope Gabi helps him see things from another perspective.

It would be even better if she traps Li in a lie during the celebration, especially since Wendy and Johnny are in Rolf’s clutches now. Li’s deception contributed to the danger to his sister, and he needs to face that.

Nicole Confronts Jada - Days of Our Lives

Nicole confronts Jada about Eric.

The writers are working overtime to make Nicole unsympathetic.

She shouldn’t be confronting Jada at all, and spoilers say she’ll try to convince Jada to get an abortion.

While Jada has every right to make that choice, it makes no sense for Nicole to push for it. Nicole lost two babies before realizing she couldn’t carry to term, so it’s difficult to buy that she’d be actively pushing out of jealousy for Jada to end her pregnancy.

Xander Shares His Guilt - Days of Our Lives

Xander shares his guilt with Gwen.

If we didn’t know where this was going already, now there’s a neon sign.

Xander probably will stop short of telling Sarah the truth and confide in Gwen instead. When Sarah thinks Xander is having an affair, she’ll find out the truth and kick him to the curb, leaving the door wide open for Xander and Gwen to reconcile.

Can we stop this latest merry-go-ride before it begins, please?

What are you looking forward to now that you’ve read these spoilers? What are you dreading? Do you have any guesses about what will happen in the future?

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