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Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 11-07-22: Chanel is Arrested

Paulina thinks she protected Chanel now that Stephanie stole that file back from Sloan. But her ordeal is just beginning.

Spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 11-07-22 say that Chanel will be arrested for murder at Abe and Paulina’s victory party!

Will we finally learn what was in that file and what Chanel did? Let’s hope so.

Spoilers for the Week of 11-07-22 - Days of Our Lives

This could have been a high-stakes, emotional story, but Days of Our Lives dragged out the secret of what Chanel did far beyond its expiration date. At this point, viewers don’t care what the secret is — they just want to get this story over with.

The spoiler video has Shawn arresting Chanel “on suspicion of murder,” with no mention of who she supposedly killed. That seems weird; shouldn’t she at least be told whose life she is being accused of snuffing out?

The non-specificity in the clip might be intended to make viewers wonder about those details — a ship that sailed a long time ago — but it also could mean that the writers intend to STILL leave viewers in the dark even after Chanel is arrested.

Paulina is supposed to come clean with Abe, which better include details of what Chanel supposedly did, and to whom.

So far, the only clue we’ve been given is that this happened when Chanel was in college in London. The same London that Allie was raped in so that Rafe couldn’t press charges against Charlie because it didn’t happen here.

If that’s the case, then the Salem PD shouldn’t be able to press charges against Chanel, yet here we are.

Chanel’s dilemma is hardly the only thing going on in Salem during the week of 11-07-22; it’s just the most head-scratching event.

Nicole and Eric will kiss; naturally, Jada will walk into Basic Black just in time to witness it. She then faints in Rafe’s arms, prompting him to call Eric.

Does Jada faint on purpose to get Eric away from Nicole? I wouldn’t put it past her since she does nothing but gossip about the two of them all day long.

We’ve got eight Days of Our Lives spoilers; please scroll down to check them out!

Susan's Terrifying Situation - Days of Our Lives

Susan finds herself in a terrifying situation.

Xander succeeds in dragging Susan away to parts unknown, where God knows what will happen to her.

She might not be the only one in danger; Tony and Anna walk in as Xander moves an unconscious Susan across the living room.

Usually, these situations result in the culprit producing a creative story that the witnesses buy when they shouldn’t. But Tony and Anna are smarter than that, and Anna never lets anything go. What will this mean for Xander’s plan?

Chloe and Stefan's Potential Relationship - Days of Our Lives

Chloe and Stefan discuss their potential relationship.

Pro-tip: Discuss your relationship BEFORE you start kissing.

No one in Salem ever does, though; Chloe and Stefan are unusual in that so far, they’ve only kissed rather than having sex before deciding to have a serious talk about where things are going.

In any case, Chloe is still half in love with Brady, and Stefan only wants her instead of Gabi because he’s been brainwashed. What could go wrong in this relationship?

Asking Anna for Help -  Days of Our Lives

Johnny and Wendy turn to Anna for help.

Johnny and Wendy seek Anna’s help with their investigation into where Rolf went. Anna knows about Ned Granger, but what help can she be to this?

It would be nice if Johnny worried about his missing grandmother. Since Anna witnessed the kidnapping, maybe she could tell him about it.

How will he respond? Will he care, or will he be too busy trying to prove EJ helped brainwash Stefan?

Waiting for Election Results - Days of Our Lives

On Election Day, Abe and Paulina eagerly await the results of their respective races for Mayor and Governor.

Spoilers say they will both win their races, and Abe will immediately resign to move into the Governor’s mansion with Paulina.

That seems silly. Why run only to resign as soon as you’ve won? Voters didn’t vote for whoever Abe’s replacement will be, so that’s not exactly democratic, either.

In any case, their excitement will be short-lived since Chanel will soon be arrested.

Shawn Has News for Julie - Days of Our Lives

Shawn informs Julie she’s been accused of a crime!

What could Julie possibly have been accused of? She shoplifted as a teenager in 1965 but has long since outgrown her teenage rebellion.

Could whatever this is have something to do with why Chanel ends up in jail?

This is an intriguing spoiler, though Julie will undoubtedly set Shawn straight about this accusation.

Chanel is Arrested - Days of Our Lives

Chanel is arrested!

Chanel’s arrest had better come with a lengthy explanation of all this.

Could Chanel have had an incident like Stephanie’s back in the day, where she killed a man who tried to rape her?

The most interesting possibility is that Chanel had an abortion since some would consider that murder, but I don’t see DAYS going there.

Ericole's Emotional Breakthrough - Days of Our Lives

Nicole and Eric have an emotional breakthrough.

According to the spoiler video, Nicole admits she has feelings for Eric. This might be more exciting if it had been written differently.

Nicole wasn’t interested in Eric until after literally the entire town told her she still had feelings for him.

She had the same type of intense feelings for Rafe when he was with Ava. This poorly written story makes it look like Nicole only wants what she can’t have — how long will it be until she and Eric are fighting again?

Jada Reels - Days of Our Lives

Jada reels from a major betrayal.

Jada walks in on Nicole and Eric kissing. (This is why everyone should stop using their workplaces as a hook-up site and also why people should hire receptionists instead of letting people walk in off the street.)

Instead of confronting them, she will run away and attempt to tell Rafe.

She faints in his arms, but does she really? Or is it a manipulative tactic to win Eric back?

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