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Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 10-17-22: Kristen Forces Brady’s Hand

We’ve got disappointing news if you hoped Brady would double-cross Kristen after he got what he wanted.

According to spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 10-17-22, Brady dumps Chloe and moves in with Kristen after the antidote reverses Marlena’s condition.

Brady’s family should quickly figure out what happened, but will they? Or will they think he magically developed feelings for Kristen just as Marlena recovered?

Spoilers for the Week of 10-17-22 - Days of Our Lives

Kristen has done this so many times. She’s always trying to force Brady to be with her, and he always swears he has no feelings for her, then falls hard somewhere along the way.

This time will likely not be any different, even though Brady had so many other options.

He could have told Chloe what was going on, and they could have agreed to pretend to break up for Marlena’s sake. That would have been a more exciting, riskier story, and it would have demonstrated that Brady meant it when he said that Kristen could never come between him and Chloe.

He also could have double-crossed Kristen by getting the antidote and then not breaking up with her.

The thing Kristen said about needing second doses and boosters was nonsense; this isn’t COVID, and Roman didn’t need any such thing 25 years ago. Besides, Rex could probably synthesize any required medication from the vial Kristen turned over.

Spoilers say Brady will be ‘tormented’ by his decision, but I don’t feel sorry for him.

Since Brady had so many options and chose to go with allowing Kristen to call the shots, I have to wonder if he secretly has feelings for her. He loudly declared his love for Chloe many times but quickly caved in to Kristen’s pressure, after all.

Elsewhere in Salem, Nicole may be forced to face her feelings for Eric.

According to the spoiler video, Rafe walks in on Nicole and Eric hugging and reminds her, not so gently, of who she is married to. Rafe’s got a point, unfortunately. Nicole doesn’t seem content to leave her past behind, which isn’t fair to her current husband.

There’s a lot of exciting drama ahead. Please scroll down to check out our complete list of Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of 10-17-22


Brady Stops John - Days of Our Lives

Brady tries to stop John from making a big mistake.

John thinks that vial of antidote is another ‘present’ from Orpheus and is about to smash it!

Brady will hopefully get to him on time to stop that from happening, but would it surprise anyone if some of the antidote spills so that there’s not enough for all three women?

This is why Jada should have given the vial to a doctor, not John. The doctors will be the ones administering the medication, after all. Besides, shouldn’t they test it first to ensure there’s nothing harmful in it?

Chloe Wants a Truce - Days of Our Lives

Chloe tries to persuade Kristen to call a truce.

Chloe’s too nice. She’s also naive if she thinks she can convince Kristen of anything.

Kristen may agree, for now. She knows the hammer is about to fall, and it’ll be more delicious for her if Chloe thinks she’s resolved the issue.

That doesn’t mean Kristen won’t get a bunch of snarky comments in before she pretends to agree to a truce, though.

Rafe and Nicole Fight Over Eric - Days of Our Lives

Rafe and Nicole have a fight about Eric.

This is easily the most irritating storyline of the fall.

Nicole had moved on from Eric. She was the one who ended things because she realized she would never come first for him!

For the last several months, all of Salem has insisted Eric is Nicole’s true love, and now Nicole believes it too. Ugh!

Stay with Rafe, Nicole. He’s far better for you.

Kristen Forces Brady's Hand - Days of Our Lives

Kristen forces Brady’s hand.

Or so Brady thinks.

He’s going to break up with Chloe to keep his word to someone who stabs him and his family in the back every chance she gets.

This makes no sense, especially considering it’s not Brady’s only option.

On Death's Door - Days Of Our Lives

Kayla’s situation becomes dire.

We know from Days of Our Lives fall spoilers that Kayla will go to Heaven.

As a general rule, Days of Our Lives only shows characters in the afterlife when they’re coming back. Marlena and Abe visited Heaven in recent years, only to be sent back to Earth.

Kayla will probably have some emotional reunions with late loved ones who tell her that it’s not time for her to die.

Kate Is Fading Fast - Days of Our Lives

Chad visits Kate, who’s fading fast.

Kate will probably get the antidote in the nick of time.

Still, these will be emotional scenes.

Kate is the closest thing Chad has to a mother, and she treats him better than she does her biological children. These two have a special bond, and Chad has already lost too much.

But where is the rest of her family? Rex is the only one of her children or grandchildren to visit her. Allie is in town, so she has no excuse for not stopping by.

Joey and Tripp Compete For Wendy - Days of Our Lives

Joey and Tripp compete for Wendy’s attention.

These light-hearted scenes might balance the heaviness of the women’s near-death experiences.

Wendy had fantastic chemistry with Johnny, so I hope she turns both of his cousins down when they start acting silly to get her attention.

Let’s hope this doesn’t devolve into the obnoxiousness that Allie and Johnny displayed when they were competing for Chanel’s heart.

Brady is Tormented - Days of Our Lives

Brady is tormented about his breakup with Chloe.

He did it to himself.

He didn’t have to listen to Kristen. He could have told Chloe what was going on and engineered a pseudo-breakup.

This boneheaded move leaves her free to pursue a relationship with Stefan. If Brady loses her for good by the time this is over, too bad.

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