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Dangerous Liaisons Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Even God Does Not Forgive

Step away from the light, and move into the darkness.

Ghosts figured prominently on Dangerous Liaisons Season 1 Episode 3, but not in the traditional sense.

Genevieve de Merteuil’s spirit was invoked, and although she didn’t make an appearance, her memory haunts those still alive.

In the dressing room - Dangerous Liaisons

Lucy Cohu’s Christine de Sevigny has a relaxed elegance and airs that have been bred into her being. Christine is whip-smart and, with Jean de Merteuil at her side, poses a real threat to Camille’s already tenuous position.

Christine seems obsessed with ousting Camille at every turn to honor the memory of her beloved cousin Genevieve.

Jean De Merteuil - Dangerous Liaisons Season 1 Episode 3

Christine is also close with the Queen, which could potentially take Camille’s societal rise to another level.

A shadow can only survive in the dark.

Jean De Merteuil

Majordome could easily be a side character, but he’s so intriguing. What is his real name? Who is he? What secrets does he know? What is he afraid of? Why is Majordome choosing Camille over Jean when he fears the Marquis?

Why was Majordome so close to Genevieve and not Jean? Was there more to their relationship than friendship? What does Jean suspect?

The machinations between Majordome, Camille, and Victoire are riveting. All three are trying to figure out who to trust and how to maneuver around a mess of people without damaging their own standing.

Victoire is clever, and she has presented us with a new mystery — who is Ariadne? Why did Genevieve seek her forgiveness? And why did it upset Jean to hear her name called out?

Changing Things Up on Starz

In Chevalier Danceny and Emilie de Sevigny, we have a music teacher and an aristocratic girl fresh out of a convent who exchange stolen glances at the dinner table.

This is a plotline lifted straight from the original Les liaisons dangereuses, so we’ll have to see if this plays out similarly.

The whole mesmerist scene was strange and seemed like it came out of nowhere. However, the contraptions, devices, and methods people used back then to “communicate with the dead” were fascinating.

Mesmerism was a relatively new thing in the late 18th century, but gaining in popularity, so though it felt a bit out-of-place, it’s certainly not anachronistic. In fact, the accuracy of how it was presented is notable.

What was more fantastical was Camille’s “connection” to the mesmerist and how making eye contact with him while she held the rod triggered a vivid flashback.

A Familiar Face on Starz

Camille has seen a ghost — Jacqueline de Montrachet, who is nicknamed “the ghost” by the locals because she always dresses in white.

Valmont will have to switch up his moves if he wants to get to Jacqueline’s heart!

Well, look at you. Valmont, in the daytime. Is it the apocalypse?

Chevalier Saint-Jacques

Valmont can’t catch a break. First, he has an ill-researched dalliance with the wrong Madame de Montrachet, followed by a failed attempt to make a move on Jacqueline in a traditional way.

Valmont wants to give up, but after a heart-to-heart with his beloved Camille, he has to step up his game. He’s finally internalizing that not all women are the same, but somehow, there is a way to each woman’s heart.

For Jacqueline, it will mean being more modest, less painted and pretty, and showing off the side of his that cares about starving orphans.

Are We Even? - Dangerous Liaisons Season 1 Episode 3

Valmont looked like he was making inroads with Madame de Montrachet, that is until Camille embraced the darkness and went full Carrie.

The pig’s blood made quite a splash. It was a shocking visual of Jacqueline’s pristine white outfit, mirroring the flashback scenes of Camille’s blood on the fresh white snow.

What happened between Camille and Jacqueline is still mostly a mystery.

However, a few things have become clear. Jacqueline cast Camille out for doing something supposedly shameful, and Camille cut her own wrists at the locked gate.

The new Camille - Dangerous Liaisons

You have seen nothing of my pain, for I cannot forgive, and I don’t want the light, monsieur.


What a line. Camille is in this for keeps. She was clear about it with Valmont. Whatever Jacqueline did to her, or cast her out for, is so reprehensible Camille will risk everything, including Valmont, to exact her revenge.

In other matters, the scene between Ondine and Gabriel was unexpectedly intriguing! This was an unlikely meeting of characters, but since they both hate Valmont with equal fervor, it makes sense for them to align.

Gabriel is on a mission now, determined to bring Valmont down, believing Camille killed herself because of him.

Rose never misses a chance to try and sink her clutches into Gabriel. Read the room, Rose. It might not be the best time to make a pass at a man when you’re sitting beside the bloated corpse of the woman he fancies.

Gabriel arrives - Dangerous Liaisons  Season 1 Episode 3

The whole body-in-the-river scene was confusing and grotesque. How did the corpse end up with the pendant that was supposedly Camille’s? How long has the body been in the water? Has Camille been gone that long?

Hopefully, we will learn more about who this woman was, and Gabriel will likely discover that Camille is still alive. Does Rose actually believe that the body is Camille, or is she hiding something or simply trying to get at Gabriel?

This episode was full of fantastic scenes, though one more worth noting was when Camille and Pascal wrote letters back and forth, and Victoire and Azolan delivered them.

Leonora Lonsdale’s vision as director here was inspired. A scene of two people writing letters and narrating could easily be dull, but interpolating the two messengers running across Paris kept it dynamic and engaging.

Letter delivery - Dangerous Liaisons Season 1 Episode 3

I preferred you as a whore than a liar.


Victoire’s cheekiness is so satisfying, particularly in how she seems to revel in Valmont’s annoyance with her. That is until he scolds her for the damage she’s done.

Valmont might be deflecting here a bit since he’s the one who had sex with all those women, and Victoire was just looking out for her best friend.

Victoire trying to turn Azolan against Valmont is also a delight. Azolan keeps his head down, but I wonder if there will be something more between the two young ones soon enough.

There you have it. Another intrigue-filled, engaging episode of Dangerous Liaisons. What did you think of the many events that occurred? What was your favorite moment?

Share your thoughts in the comments!

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