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Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 7 Spoilers: Archer’s Son is in Danger!

It was bound to happen sooner or later.

Archer’s been estranged from his son for years, and their last conversation in the prison visiting room did not go well.

Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 7 spoilers suggest the next chapter of Archer and Sean’s relationship is going to be tragic; Sean lands in the ED after another inmate stabs him in the neck.

Season 8 Episode 7 Spoilers - Chicago Med

This scenario is Archer’s worst nightmare. His son could be dying, and he can’t save him.

Of course, it was always that way. Sean abuses drugs and, at best, has an adversarial relationship with his father. But now that he’s been stabbed in the neck, this is a life-or-death situation.

In a real hospital, Archer would not be allowed near this patient, not as a doctor. But this is Chicago Med, so he’ll be allowed to tend to Sean’s wounds, at least at first.

A clip from the spoiler video has Choi telling Archer he can’t be the doctor for a patient, but is it Sean or the guy who stabbed him? The video suggests Archer will go to any lengths to protect his son; could that include attempting to kill the man who hurt Sean?

Under the best of circumstances, Archer has little respect for the rules. He regularly exploits loopholes in the hospital’s policies to override patients’ wishes if he knows better. If he does that when it comes to strangers, it’s inconceivable that he won’t pull out all the stops to save his son.

Archer wants to protect Sean from the inmate that attacked him, but what will he do medically for him?

Sean comes into the hospital with major, presumably life-threatening, injuries. Choi will likely be in charge of this case, but Archer will, at the very least, hover and try to insist on whatever he thinks is best.

If anything goes wrong with Sean’s care, it could not only devastate Archer but also harm his long friendship with Choi, especially if Choi doesn’t allow Archer to direct Sean’s care. Archer might blame Choi for whatever happens, which could lead to a major falling-out.

Could this be the beginning of the set-up for Choi’s exit from Chicago Med?

Choi is in a good place; he’s reconnected with April and is much more relaxed at work. But if he and Archer can’t reconcile their differences after this experience, Choi might decide it’s time for a break from the hospital.

Choi Tries to Keep Archer Calm - Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 7

The supply chain problems continue, putting extra pressure on Archer during this difficult time.

According to spoilers, the hospital discovers they are short on scrubs this time around.

This may seem silly, but it’s more important than it sounds. Doctors use scrubs partially to preserve the sterile environment in the operating room; without them, it will be harder to protect patients from infections.

They can’t wear street clothes and will have to improvise.

The Prison Ward - Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 7

Although the problem is serious, this story might be an opportunity for more lighthearted moments. For example, if staff wear pajamas or other goofy outfits, that might provide comic relief.

The supply chain issues will likely not be limited to scrubs. Even when they’re not a main source of conflict, they come up in stories every week, and it’s likely that someone won’t be able to do a needed test or procedure because of a lack of supplies.

Dr. Charles has been working with different doctors weekly, and it will be Marcel’s turn next!

Marcel has a transplant patient who has psychosis. This should be a compelling conflict.

Archer's Worst Fear - Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 7

The patient may not be competent to consent to surgery until their psychosis issues are resolved.

The patient’s physical and mental health needs will probably conflict significantly. Knowing Chicago Med, most likely, a donor kidney will come in that needs to be used immediately. Conversely, the patient’s physical health might deteriorate to the point that the transplant becomes an emergency.

This problem should pit Marcel and Charles against each other even though they care about the patient’s well-being above everything else.

One huge question remains: what will Med do with Maggie now that Vanessa is gone?

Choi Tries to Save Sean's Life - Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 7

There are no spoilers, but let’s hope that Maggie forgives Will now that Vanessa isn’t at Med for her to try to protect!

Will and Asher are supposed to get closer, which isn’t surprising. These two were together until Asher’s heroin addiction interfered, and they’ve been in each other’s orbits since she returned.

It was only a matter of time before they made the leap from friendship back to romance, and it seems that will begin on Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 7.

This might or might not work well, depending on how it’s done.

Archer is Too Close - Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 7

TV relationships fail to ignite viewers’ hearts if forced or rushed.

Will and Asher agreed a while ago that they only wanted to be friends, so the next natural step is for them to fight their growing feelings for one another. A slow-burn relationship like this could be compelling, but it’ll fall flat if they jump from friendship to conflicted emotions to romance in only one or two episodes.

What’s your take on Will and Asher’s relationship, the supply chain issues, and Archer’s conflict with his son? Hit the big, blue SHOW COMMENTS button and let us know!

The next new episode of Chicago Med airs on November 9, but you can watch Chicago Med online as much as you’d like between now and then!

Chicago Med airs on NBC on Wednesdays at 8 PM EST / PST.

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