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Blockbuster Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Blockbuster Daddy

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that parenting is hard.

On Blockbuster Season 1 Episode 2, Timmy embraces the role of “Blockbuster Daddy” while Eliza and Percy struggle with their teenage daughters.

Carlos mourns a quasi-father figure, Hollywood Harold, and the staff worries about who will be getting fired.

Percy & Timmy - Blockbuster Season 1 Episode 2

This was a sweet episode, showing how work families can, in fact, be families, despite being artificially created. I appreciate how Connie keeps it real, though, in Blockbuster Season 1 Episode 1 she said she loved the staff more than her real kids.

It seems wild that Melissa Fumero could have a kid in college, but it’s starting to make sense now why that’s significant. Eliza gave up Harvard and a potentially lucrative career for Ali, strongly implying that she left university to have her baby.

Eliza at work - Blockbuster Season 1 Episode 2

Eliza still holds resentment towards her daughter for a decision she made and how her life turned out. Ali probably senses that, hence some of the hard feelings.

Eliza: Oh, no one needs to worry about Kayla. I think she already gets paid to put on makeup while lip-synching John Mulaney bits on TikTok for some reason.
Timmy: Oh, I’m old.

Connie hit the nail on the head, though — teens act out when they feel safe with that parent. So, despite how tough it is, Eliza shouldn’t worry about the solidity of their relationship.

The main takeaway is that parenting (or even being the person who has to be in charge and make the decisions) is tough!

It makes sense that Timmy wants to maintain the connections with all his staff and keep his “found family” close because he feels his real family is broken due to his parents’ divorce.

I am the Blockbuster dad now. I got bills to pay and ties to wear and James Patterson books to read.


Unimpressed Kayla - Blockbuster Season 1 Episode 2

The firing plotline felt low stakes because we all knew it should be Kayla — even Kayla knew it should be Kayla (though Hannah was a close second).

Kayla was only keeping the job to keep her dad happy, which in itself should indicate that she loves him –enough to keep a job she hates so that she can spend time with him. Percy’s need to control his daughter’s life makes him seem very insecure and, honestly, a lousy friend to Timmy.

How is Kayla going to keep her job if the store closes? His threats to Timmy don’t make much sense. Sure, it’s hard to be a landlord to your good friend, but he doesn’t seem to appreciate how much power he has over Timmy — or maybe he does, and he’s trying to manipulate Timmy because of it.

I get he’s running a business and trying to look out for his own financial needs, but it comes off as selfish, even if it’s coming from a place of love for his daughter.

Percy at Work - Blockbuster Season 1 Episode 2

The dynamics emerging between the various characters are great to see — Connie/Eliza, Hannah/Connie, Carlos/Hannah, Eliza/Timmy, and Eliza/Kayla. Everyone seems to genuinely like each other (except Kayla, who hates everyone except her dad).

Hannah once again gets all the best lines.

Hey, hi. So you might get some calls from angry parents because I accidentally confused Hungry Caterpillar with Human Centipede.


Everyone fills a certain role for each other, making the Secret Santa-style staff picks wall an excellent idea. It would have been great to see what everyone picked for each other!

The Hollywood Harold plot gave us insight into Carlos and why he loves movies so much. It also highlights how we don’t realize how much someone means to us until they’re gone. Also, I definitely want to try “Halfsies” sometime!

I try to reserve “hero” for first responders and the geese Sully Sullenberger murdered.


Connie at work - Blockbuster Season 1 Episode 2

Staff picks are always more intriguing than algorithmic suggestions and corporate proms. This show is also providing a plethora of film recommendations.

It would be worth investigating to see if everything it suggests is on Netflix and if it’s all just not-so-subliminal advertising to plug more content.But, if you’re watching Blockbuster, odds are you’re a cinephile and will welcome the many “I got that!” references.

It’s a cute touch to keep random customers involved, just popping in with funny lines and random jabs — like the customer invested in the feature rack, and the Robert De Niro lady (Danielle).

This seems like a bad time, I know, but I’m looking for a Robert De Niro movie where he doesn’t play a naughty grandpa. Any ideas?


It maintains the feel that it’s not just the staff that are family, but the customers are included as well.

Comforting Connie - Blockbuster Season 1 Episode 2

Eliza and Timmy are still feeling each other out. She has to suspect, right? She has some complicated feelings for him, too — it seems obvious. But right now, they work best as colleagues/friends. Even though he’s technically her boss, he sees her as an equal.

You can’t always be everyone’s friend when you’re trying to do what’s best. And it sucks.


As we settle in, these characters are starting to take shape more, and we’re getting to know them and seeing their needs, wants, and desires.

What did you think of Episode 2? Who did you think was getting fired? What films would you recommend for these characters?

Share your thoughts in the comments! 

Mary Littlejohn is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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