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Big Sky Season 3 Episode 7 Review: Come Get Me

We are getting somewhere, people!

Big Sky Season 3 has been a breath of fresh air overall, but certain stories have been moving slowly. Namely, everything happening out at the campsite. But that all changes on Big Sky Season 3 Episode 7.

You couple the camp shenanigans with the bleeding hearts cold case, and all the mysteries are finally on a collision course. And I have a feeling it’s about to get ugly.

Meeting Up - Big Sky Season 3 Episode 7

This was the first hour in a while without a case of the week, though they still paired Beau and Jenny off to investigate a piece of the bleeding hearts mystery while Cassie did her own thing.

The brief moments we got of the big three working together did make me wonder what it would be like to see the threesome in a more official capacity working cases, though I can’t quite see how that happens now since Cassie isn’t on the force. But all this to say, seeing them all together again in a professional setting was cool.

Ready To Meet - Big Sky Season 3 Episode 7

Now the bleeding hearts case was indeed cold, but considering it took the three of them all of a few hours to make serious headway, it’s clear that Blair’s father wasn’t wrong about everyone just giving up.

All he had to do was stage a little break-in and leave a few clues, and all of a sudden, the case was a major priority again.

Can we discuss that break-in briefly because what in the hell was Denise thinking? Since when do we follow blood trails and strange noises instead of running for our lives outside where the other humans are?

Especially after everything that happened with Cassie’s father, I was irrationally upset watching her walk further into the office and then hide practically in plain sight! In hindsight, Blair’s father wasn’t looking for a confrontation or to hurt anyone, but Denise didn’t know that then!

I know Denise loves that office, but she needs to do better in the future.

Denise Out In The Wild - Big Sky Season 3 Episode 3

Anyway, Beau and Jenny getting the goods on a previous suspect introduce us to some new players, and because this is Big Sky, you can never count anyone out when it comes to gathering suspects.

Sure, they are bending over backward to make it appear like Walter is behind everything, but we’d be foolish to buy into that narrative right now.

Blair’s old boyfriend, the meth maker, comes with all kinds of information I guess the police just didn’t think much of back when it was still fresh in his mind. But Beau and Jenny are a bit more thorough, and suddenly all roads lead to Blair’s father, who, SURPRISE, is already in a shed with Cassie.

Poor Cassie has to spend another episode out in those woods in non-hiking attire, only to then have to drop back into town and get a gun pulled on her.

Cassie Investigates - Big Sky Season 3 Episode 3

Mr. Lucan is again not looking to hurt anyone, but his plan to get attention is a bit more elaborate than the average person, who may have just driven to the police station and screamed until someone listened.

I don’t think Mr. Lucan is the bleeding heart’s killer, but the shrine of his daughter and the heart in the center of it all was incredibly off-putting.

Cassie is able to grab a composite sketch from his board, though, and she immediately makes the connection between the drawing and Walter. And again, they are hammering us over the head with the idea that Walter is the killer with the wooden dolls, hearts in the wood, and now the sketch.

We get it, Big Sky!

But I’ve watched too much television to be fooled this easily! And with the crime happening twenty years ago, there is no shortage of suspects. Anyone could have done it, and a new person of interest definitely popped up this week.

Buck, Buck, Buck. He presents himself as a relatively quiet man, happy to stand behind his wife and let her take the spotlight. But his true colors came out at the end of Big Sky Season 3 Episode 6 when he was more than happy to stab a young girl to death when she threatened his family.

He seems hellbent on doing whatever is necessary to preserve what he and Sunny built with Cormac. That could be construed as admirable, except it crosses over into crazy once murder and cover-ups get involved!

Sunny, always ready to lie, came up with a decent plan to lure the campers out to the woods and to Mary’s body. It would allow the campers to come up with their own conclusions about what happened, and Sunny and Buck would be very low on that suspect list.

Sunny Barnes - Big Sky Season 3 Episode 1

But it all goes to crap because, of course it does, when Emily stumbles upon the body! And much like Denise, why was Emily out in the woods searching for Luke, a grown man she barely knows? Quite frankly, the way all these people are so willing to walk in the woods at night gives me major anxiety.

Running into Buck throws Sunny’s plan into chaos, though it could still work out in the end since Emily was the one who found the body. No one will suspect her, but everyone will point all fingers at Luke, who is conveniently MIA at the time of the reveal.

Luke was running for his life in the woods, and I’m not sure where he thought he was going to go, but he ran directly into Paige, and it was like he ran into a literal ghost. I honestly forgot for a second they were together because it feels like so much has happened since Paige went missing!

It’s left on a cliffhanger to imply that Paige is setting Luke up, with Walter doing what he does best and creeping in the shadows, but it’s much more likely she’ll try to set Walter up, which will go horribly wrong for both Luke and herself.

Backup - Big Sky Season 3 Episode 7

But speaking of the former pair, we finally got a better picture of the people after them when Tonny should back up with reinforcements, and they came in the form of Darius Rucker and Lyle Lovett!

Big Sky has pulled out all the stops for this season regarding guest stars. REBA. Jensen Ackles. And now two of the most recognizable musicians on the planet.

Lovett’s Tex and Rucker’s Possum both make strong first impressions. That is to say, neither seems like a guy you want to cross.

Their meeting with Donno and Tonya, and Tony, makes it clear that they will be calling the shots, which is a foreign concept for Tonya, who has quickly established herself as a pretty formidable player in this criminal world.

But she may have underestimated Tony, who doesn’t seem the slightest bit impressed with anything Tonya has to say.

New Man In Town - Big Sky Season 3 Episode 7

So, now they have to find Luke and kill him while Luke is out in the woods with a looming Walter and a hobbled Paige. And Darius Rucker and Lyle Lovett are probably going to join the search, too, and this is all getting very, very juicy!

Odds and Ends

  • Cormac is walking around in a constant state of confusion. Maybe Mary’s death will wake him up!

  • Tonya confirmed my suspicions about Avery being a shady finance guy. He definitely owes somebody money or something, and that’s why he’s inserted himself into a situation that doesn’t concern him because he smells money.

  • Carla is constantly looking for a reason to call Beau, and I GET IT, but you wonder why your husband doesn’t like the man.

  • Donno and Tonya continue to be this mismatched dynamic that simply works. Donno finally has a life he wants to protect, and Tonya feels she has agency over her own life.
Mystery Man - Big Sky Season 3 Episode 7

  • Buck sniffing Mary’s blood wasn’t weird at all. Not a little bit. Totally on the up and up. It didn’t make me suspicious of him AT ALL.

  • There is no way the camping trip keeps going now, right? Is Sunny Barnes good enough to charm these people into staying in those fancy tents even though people are missing and dying every other day?

  • This show has the opportunity to stick all these tremendous guest stars in a scene together, and we better get it. I need REBA facing off with Darius Rucker while Lyle Lovett and Jensen Ackles come to blows in the woods. We deserve this!

This was a set-up hour for what’s to come next, which should be an epic clash between all these intersecting storylines! But while we wait for that, let me know what you thought about this hour in the comments!

Make sure you watch Big Sky online so you can join in the conversation!

Angry Donno - Big Sky Season 3 Episode 3

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