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All American Season 5 Episode 6 Review: Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down

And so it begins.

Merely the threat of Olivia’s article about Garrett’s bounty strategy was enough to make the GAU coach resign at the worst possible time on All American Season 5 Episode 6.

But it wasn’t enough to drive Garrett from the coaching profession and left him in the position to purposely injure more players in the future. 

Many Commitments -- Squatter - All American Season 5 Episode 6

This possibility meant that Olivia’s article had to remain on the table, to the dismay of anyone connected with the GAU program.

But, the sharks were circling more immediately at the worst possible time, as the nation’s best players were deciding where to bring their talents on National Signing Day.

Team Player - All American Season 5 Episode 6

One of those sharks ended up being Asher, who was competing against his housemates, Spencer and Jordan, as all scurried to secure the GAU recruits who were waffling after Garrett bolted.

Asher was wise to take Jaymee up on her proposal that she tag along while he went out on the recruiting trail. As Marco pointed out, it was definitely a different vibe when the young assistant coach brought along his hot girlfriend to help him recruit.

It was good to see Jaymee again, as she’s been too often absent this season. She and Asher are now the show’s most likable couple. They’ve each got their infirmities, which they deal with without whining. That’s a rare thing in this series.

The A.D. was smart enough to put Coach Boone, Spencer and Jordan’s favorite coach, in charge to stem the bleeding. And Boone knew it was an all-hands-on-deck situation, so he didn’t turn down Spencer and Jordan’s offer to help firm up some shaky commitments.

Party Escalates - All American Season 5 Episode 6

Jordan sewed up his four recruits in no time. Spencer was having less luck. First, he couldn’t reach his recruits. Then they were all hesitating because Marco Galvez was wavering.

Boone was right to accede to Spencer’s suggestion that he be the one to talk with Marco. Spencer was the prized recruit the previous season, so he knew how Marco felt.

It was hilarious when Asher borrowed Marco’s phone to joust with Spencer, showing that he was a step ahead.

After Spencer’s heartfelt pitch, GAU won in the end, but Asher deserves credit for getting close and stealing three recruits. Asher accomplished all Montes could have expected of him, and Jaymee sweetly backed up her man.

Protecting the Program - All American Season 5 Episode 6

Finally, Olivia woke up to what her great expose might mean to those she loves. It’s about time.

Olivia correctly argued that her article needed to run so Garrett wouldn’t get off scot-free only to turn up at another Division I job after his sabbatical. You know that’s his plan.

But she at least asked Billy what the fallout could be for Spencer, Jordan, and GAU. It appears that it will be further explored on All American Season 5 Episode 7.

Olivia probably cost Billy any chance of a college job, at least at GAU. One of his former teammates is now coach, but another is the athletic director, who specifically urged Billy to kill the article. So no position for Billy there.

Conflicted Olivia - All American Season 5 Episode 6

Olivia felt guilty enough to discuss her concerns with her editor, who was empathetic. But the solution of only using a pen name for Olivia to protect her sources just looked like a copout.

Also, the article’s timing sucked, with everyone’s phones buzzing during GAU’s celebratory press conference. All those recruits who just committed to GAU were already exploring the transfer portal.

Here’s what’s unfair about the way the NCAA punishes programs. Instead of simply punishing the coach behind the infractions, the entire program gets hammered. And hurt most by that will be the student-athletes.

Sure, they can know transfer reasonably quickly. But they put a lot of thought into choosing the school that will be their home for the next four years, and they shouldn’t be faulted for a coach’s actions.

Handling Article - All American Season 5 Episode 6

It’s safe to assume that GAU will avoid the death penalty. After all, think of all the money put into those GAU football sets. Still, the tension will be heightened for at least the next episode.

Since Jordan did his part for GAU, he decided to follow up on Layla’s suggestion and hang out with J.J. That was a mistake.

Jordan tried to muster enthusiasm for J.J.’s “Whisky Ranger” party. But Layla was wrong. J.J. wasn’t crying for attention. He was just embracing the college experience, other than, say, classes and football. He’s on his way to flunking out of both.

While J.J. may have had a point about Layla’s bouncing around the Vortex, Jordan was right to deck him. And having J.J. move out to the frat house is an improvement. There’s been too much J.J. this season. Plus, there’s room for a new housemate now.

Rude Awakening - All American Season 5 Episode 6

The video storyline is a much overdue spotlight for Patience. If only it had been better executed.

For someone who is a performer, Patience is very shy about the spotlight—first the red-carpet buzz, now this video fiasco.

Gia had a sound concept, giving Patience a persona to hide behind. The trick would have been to get Patience to buy into it ahead of time.

Patience was the face of the video. So she deserved to make many of the calls about it.

Problem Party - All American Season 5 Episode 6

To revisit the Bountygate storyline, watch All American online.

How badly was Olivia’s article handled?

What will be the fallout for Spencer and Jordan?

Are you OK with less J.J.?

Comment below.

Dale McGarrigle is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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