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All American Season 5 Episode 4 Review: Turn Down For What

You knew there would have to be some hiccups around Grace and D’Angelo’s wedding.

The ceremony went off on All American Season 5 Episode 4 but hardly without a hitch.

While the kids were attempting to be adults and moving on in their lives, the adults ended up trying to be kids one more time. It didn’t look good on them.

More Than She Bargained -- Squatter - All American Season 5 Episode 4

Poor Grace had to carry way too significant a share of the wedding preparations, with D’Angelo at work up the coast in Oakland. Fortunately, Denise and Laura, along with Spencer and Dillon, were there to help her.

That party held at the Baker sorority house was indeed an opportunity lost. The way Grace and D’Angelo were sniping about their distant relatives, wouldn’t it have been nice to have met more of them? Instead, they ended up being stuck in the background while the lead characters took off on them.

The Future Bride - All American Season 5 Episode 4

The only one viewers met was LaReesha, the younger sister from whom Grace was estranged. Trying to heal old wounds around Grace’s special day probably wasn’t the best way to go, but LaReesha turned up at the bachelorette party thrown by Grace’s besties, Denise and Laura.

That went about as well as you might expect. Grace bit her tongue out of respect for those who had invited LaReesha with the best intentions. Well, bit her tongue somewhat, anyway.

The women were bound to have fun, thanks to Denise’s planning. That woman knows how to have fun more than most women her age.

It was sad that when Grace and LaReesha began to reminisce and bond, it led to them eventually getting arrested.

Surprise Events - All American Season 5 Episode 4

Indeed, the men no longer knew how to enjoy themselves. Drinks and cigars and an early bedtime were on their itinerary. It was also telling that Billy was just as effusive about Grace as D’Angelo was.

It was hilarious when Preach realized he had become an old dad, just like Billy and D’Angelo. Life does that to you.

Preach isn’t the gangsta he used to be, and that’s probably for the best for him. He’s seen the inside and doesn’t want to end up back there. He was also intelligent enough to leave before the police arrived to deal with the drunken women.

Billy and D’Angelo tried to save the women from themselves. But Grace was determined to recapture a little of her youth by shimmying up that signpost, and there was no stopping her until the cops showed up.

J.J.'s Game Night - All American Season 5 Episode 4

The adults weren’t the only ones fleeing the party as J.J., the Vortex’s social director, decided that a game night was in order.

With J.J.’s Game Night track record, both Jordan and Spencer rightfully expressed their reservations about the idea. After all, what could possibly go wrong with throwing exes Spencer and Olivia and Coop and Patience and secret couple Jordan and Layla into the same room?

Moderator Dillon soon wished the big kids hadn’t invited him along because he had to clean up their messes.

But there were too many secrets for something not to spill out.

Supporting Coop - All American Season 5 Episode 4

The biggest surprise was Patience’s unease about having become a social-media sensation, at least for a minute, after her red-carpet appearance.

After all, Gia and Layla’s idea was to create buzz and light a spark under her album’s lagging sales. So that was mission accomplished.

No one realized how uncomfortable Patience was with what has to be an integral part of her chosen career. 

Layla, her producer, didn’t pick up on Patience’s concern. But while Coop has moved on, she was still there for Patience, listening to her worries and supporting her.

Coop's Disappointment - All American Season 5 Episode 4

Patience also still listened to Coop’s fear that Laura was squeezing her out of the firm now that she had her shiny new toy, Darius.

Even though she had gotten wait-listed by the GAU law program, Coop still came through for Laura and the jailed adults, and she ensured that Laura knew it. Coop don’t do subtle.

Coop gave Spencer a headache when she blurted out about his date with Alicia, which was news that Olivia wasn’t ready to hear.

Spencer cleaned up Coop’s mess when he went over to help Olivia pick up after the party. The way those two have kept looking at each other, it was no surprise that they ended up in bed together. Was that indeed closure, or will they keep falling back together?

Vortex Meltdown - All American Season 5 Episode 4

Of course, that small vandalism charge wasn’t enough to derail the wedding. It was certainly enough to knock the event off schedule, however.

It was a sweet moment when Grace laid some wisdom about relationships on Olivia as Spencer’s ex helped the bride get dressed for the wedding. 

There was just enough of the wedding itself as it showcased Grace and D’Angelo’s happiness that they both survived the deaths of their spouses and came out the other side to try again.

Among the highlights were Preach battling for the garter and Grace handing her bouquet to her “sister” Denise. LaReesha even managed to redeem herself a little bit in Grace’s eyes with her heartfelt toast. Afterward came J.J.’s realization that he had seen Jordan and Layla kissing.

Disturbing Game - All American Season 5 Episode 4

To follow Grace and D’Angelo’s relationship, watch All American online.

How did you enjoy Grace and D’Angelo’s special day?

Does Game Night retain its lousy reputation?

What is Spencer and Olivia’s status?

Comment below.

Dale McGarrigle is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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