Adam Devine, Sarah Hyland, Jameela Jamil, and More Preview Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin

Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin premieres Wednesday, November 23, on Peacock.

Ahead of the premiere of the six-episode first season, TV Fanatic got to chat with the cast and showrunner about what’s to come in this spinoff series.

As previously reported, Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin follows Bumper (Adam Devine) as he moves to Germany to revive his career.

Bumper in Berlin Trio

Bumper is older but not wiser when we pick back up with him years later.

He finds himself like a fish out of water in Berlin as he’s reunited with some familiar faces.

Sarah Hyland on Pitch Perfect

However, he also finds himself meeting new faces.

One of the new people in his life is Heidi, played by Sarah Hyland.

They immediately connect because they both live very different lifestyles compared to their lives in the U.S. They are both interested in creating meaningful music.

Take a look at what the two actors had to say about bringing these characters to life.

The cast is rounded out by Flula Borg (Pieter), Jameela Jamil (Gisela), and Lera Abova (DJ Das Boot).

Flula is reprising the role he played on Pitch Perfect 2, and it’s clear early on that he shares a past with Gisela.

Gisela is an up-and-coming pop star with a mean streak.

Jameela Jamil on Pitch Perfect

DJ Das Boot is Pieter’s sister, and you can expect plenty of family drama between them.

The trio talks about what drew them to the show and why they think it’s the best time to bring the franchise back.

Check out the interview with Borg, Jamil, and Abova below.

Steering the spinoff is Megan Amram, who was a massive fan of the movies before being approached to bring the Peacock series to life.

There are many iconic characters on Megan’s list that she would like to bring back from the movies should the show get a second season.

Megan believes the series returns at a time when viewers need lighthearted content.

Check out the interview below.

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