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A Million Little Things Officially Ending After Five Seasons at ABC

A Million Little Things is officially ending.

After months of rumors, ABC confirmed Monday that its hit drama will be wrapping up with its fifth season.

“I know seeing this show end may be sad for many people (especially my mom who watches live every week), but I always knew I wanted to follow these friends for five seasons and leave them when the time was right,” series creator DJ Nash said via statement.

Final Season Cast - A Million Little Things

“When we started making our show, I never could have imagined this incredible community of ‘Millionaires’ who would come together and not only watch, but also share with each other their personal struggles, their pain and ultimately their true grit.”

“I am both honored and humbled by all of it and am so in awe of the incredible actors, writers, directors and crew who lend their talent to make our show.”

Nervous for the Future  - A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 19

He continued: “I am also so grateful that ABC now makes mental health awareness one of the top issues for which it advocates.”

“[Executive producer] Terrence [Coli] and I can’t wait for the Millionaires to watch what we have planned for our final season.”

News of the show’s demise is not a surprise.

It missed out on a spot on the fall schedule for the first time in its run, leading to questions about its future.

Two Parents, One Embryo  - A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 19

ABC didn’t make a decision … until now.

The network also revealed the final season would premiere Wednesday, February 8.

Despite losing a lot of ground in the ratings last season, it did soar in delayed viewing, a clear sign that the show had a fanbase that didn’t watch live.

A Million Little Things stars David Giuntoli as Eddie Saville, Romany Malco as Rome Howard, Allison Miller as Maggie Bloom, Christina Moses as Regina Howard, and Grace Park as Katherine Kim.

Standing By Maddox  - A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 19

The cast is rounded out by James Roday Rodriguez as Gary Mendez, Tristan Byon as Theo Saville, Lizzy Greene as Sophie Dixon, and Chance Hurstfield as Danny Dixon.

ABC shared a special video with the cast saying goodbye in conjunction with the announcement.

Check it out below.

Remember, you can watch A Million Little Things online right here via TV Fanatic.

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