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1923 Teaser Trailer Showcases Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, Guns a Blazin’, as Jacob and Cara Dutton

It’s a big day for fans of the universe of shows Taylor Sheridan has built.

In addition to Tulsa King’s debut and the Yellowstone Season 5 premiere, Paramount+ today debuted the teaser trailer for the highly anticipated new original drama series 1923, starring Academy Award winner Helen Mirren and Academy Award nominee Harrison Ford.

The teaser, which offers brief scenes featuring the two lauded actors and the kind of action we’ve come to expect from such series, but also reunites us with a fan favorite, if in voice only.

Jacob and Cara Dutton - 1923

Isabel May is back as Elsa Dutton, narrating the teaser, explaining the Dutton family connection to violence, which has followed them from the Scottish highlands and which they actively seek, despite themselves.

1923, the next installment of the Dutton family origin story, will introduce a new generation of Duttons, led by patriarch Jacob (Ford) and matriarch Cara (Mirren).

The series will explore the early 20th century when pandemics, historic drought, the end of Prohibition and the Great Depression all plague the mountain west, and the Duttons who call it home.

Harrison Ford as Jacob Dutton - 1923

In addition to Ford and Mirren, 1923 also stars Darren Mann, Michelle Randolph, James Badge Dale, Marley Shelton, Brian Geraghty, Aminah Nieves, and Jerome Flynn.

Parmount+ will mirror the successful launches of the record-breaking limited series 1883, which chronicled the Duttons as they traveled to what would become the family homestead in Montana, and Mayor of Kingstown.

Paramount Network will also host a linear airing of 1923’s debut episode on December 18, immediately following a new episode of Yellowstone as a special simulcast event.

Helen Mirren as Cara Dutton - 1923

The second episode will air on Paramount Network on January 1st.

The series will premiere on Monday, Dec.19, on Paramount+ in the U.K. and Australia.

Premiere dates for other Paramount+ international markets will be announced at a later date.

Jacob Dutton Leading a Horse - 1923

Produced by MTV Entertainment Studios, 101 Studios and Bosque Ranch Productions, 1923 is executive produced by Taylor Sheridan, John Linson, Art Linson, David C. Glasser, Ron Burkle, David Hutkin, Bob Yari and Ben Richardson.

1923 is the latest addition to Sheridan’s growing slate on Paramount+, which in addition to 1883 and Mayor of Kingstown, includes Tulsa King and the upcoming series Lioness and Land Man.

Take a look at the trailer now and let us know what you think!

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