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13 Most Insane And Iconic Moments From Young Royals Season 2

Young Royals season two was full of some marvelous moments.

This season, we found our main characters in very dark places and others in utter confusion.

Some decisions that they made were truly insane.

L Wilmon - Young Royals

Below, we have compiled some of those moments we considered the best.

From Sara’s discovery about her body to Wilhelm going off script when giving THAT speech, we were not deprived of good stuff.

Wille - Young Royals

13. Wilhelm pulled a gun on August.

The hatred between Wilhelm and August is one of the biggest falling out between friends.

Wilhelm blames August for leaking that video and ensuring he found a way to evade justice while August wants Wilhelm’s throne.

Wilhelm had been honing his gun handling skills, and we thought if there were someone who would be standing at the end of the barrel, it would be Marcus.

As Wilhelm had a gun to August’s face, it looked like he might blow up his face.

12. Wilhelm vomited and went to bed.

Throughout the season. Wilhelm had been trying to maintain control of his anxiety. 

However, when it all became too much for him, it started manifesting in physical symptoms.

This scene highlighted how mental conditions like anxiety and depression could affect individuals suffering.

His way of dealing with it is common.

11. Sara left Hillerska

She might make mistakes, but one thing about Sara is that she owns them.

Her biggest mistake this season was trusting August. She might get a pass because she was in love, but she also deserves kudos for not letting it corrupt her.

She gave August a chance. She even leaked privileged information to him in the hopes that he might do the right thing. When she expresses discontent with his methods, he thinks all can be made well by buying her the horse.

“You don’t get it,” was all she could muster. She finally realized that he was truly morally bankrupt. She realized that everyone in Hillerska was only looking out for themselves and that she was becoming as selfish as they were. Leaving was the only option.

10. Simon wrote a song for Wilhelm.

Simon is not great with words but give him a pen, and he will write the most beautiful words. It is his love language.

The song he writes about Wilhelm puts it all into perspective about how he feels.

That song made Jan-Olof realize that #Wilmon was a thing, strong and not going away any time soon.

9. Simon and Wille kissed at the ball.

For what felt like the most extended break, Wilhelm dreamt about kissing Simon.

The reality was much different, though. Wilhelm had moved on — or so it seemed.

Wilhelm tries his best to make Simon notice him, and at some point, he thinks of giving it a rest. Things, however, come to a head during the ball.

When Simon pulled him outside and kissed him, it was the motivation he needed to keep going. He had the biggest smile after. It was the hope he needed.

8. Wilhelm had a talk with Nils

Wilhelm’s life can be very lonely. He goes through all these common feelings and emotions, but since he doesn’t have anyone to talk to after Erik’s death, he internalizes them and thinks he is the only one.

The talk he has with Nils teaches him two things. One that he is not alone. There was a multitude of other Queer people around who were also going through the same thing.

Finally, he was the right kind of Queer. Not having figured out a label, he wondered where he fell into the whole Queer thing. He learns that you don’t have to be out to be Queer and that it’s not a big deal not to be attracted to one gender exclusively.

7. Simon tried to fill the void by hooking up.

It is commonly said that if you want to get over someone, you need to get under someone new. No one put this into practice more than Simon.

In his attempt to get over Wille, he starts a new relationship in which he only wants sex. He even makes a point of initiating it.

Poor Marcus, who was an all-around good guy, got his heart broken.

The depths people would go to forget their lovers!

6. Sara had an involuntary orgasm.

People have been in love or lust before, but not like Sara.

She was so into August that simply laying her eyes on him gave her a spontaneous orgasm.

It didn’t help that it might have been her first, so it came strongly.

5. Wilhelm refused to leave Hillerska.

Wilhelm doesn’t usually act like a spoilt brat, but this time, everything was different. He had a lot to lose if he let them take him out of the school.

He had just made a promise to himself to ruin August and to get Simon back. There was no Royal Court that was going to stop him.

Seeing him dig his fingers into the desk was one of the most heartbreaking moments in the show.

Wille & Simon - Young Royals

4. Wilhelm to August: It’s Crown Prince for you.

Sassy, vengeful Wille was fun to watch.

In keeping up with his theme of trying to ruin August, the first thing was to emasculate him in front of his peers.

Revenge is a dish best served cold, and, at that moment, he knew how to serve it.

3. Simon said: I love you.

Simon had been keeping this inside for a while now. It felt long overdue since Wilhelm said it months ago. This sweet, tender moment made us root for them even harder.

2. Wilhelm went off script.

It was unclear whether he had planned this earlier, but this was a magical moment. Most viewers expected him to say “I love you too” when Simon said it.

In his way, this was his way of showing Simon that he loved him. He was willing to make a huge decision for Simon. This was a pivotal moment in the show and will inform what is to come next.

1. The set book text discussion.

Most students read a set book text, write an essay and forget about it.

Wilhelm and Simon had a massive problem communicating with each other. Try as they might not, they would end up talking above each other, and thus no one heard where the other person was coming from.

In this discussion, however, they could compare and contrast their situation with that of the characters and understand the other person’s struggle.

This was the most beautiful moment in the whole show as it marked the growth of #Wilmon by them overcoming the communication barrier.

Wilhelm - Young Royals


Which one of these moments did you enjoy the most?

Are there other ones that were so good it hurts that we left them out?

Let us know in the comments below.

Denis Kimathi is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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